Argentina Tipped To Win Top Prize

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 | 3 Comments

It’s still early days in the voting for your favourite Local Schools World Cup Country Display, but Argentina have torn ahead with an average score of 2.86.

Could it be that the ASB is simply the most popular bank, or is it that the school behind the Argentina display are a shoe-in to win the prize?

As the votes come in, feelings are beginning to run high

As the votes come in, feelings are beginning to run high

Get out there and check the displays, oh angelic citizens of Devonport for there is much to see, and as always, The Speculator is keen to hear your learned opinions.

And of course, we wouldn’t want our little dears crestfallen by a vote count of  nil, now would we? Yes, there are some displays out there yet to register a single vote. Hunt them out people, and vote here on The Speculator.


  1. abbey says:

    My kids are trying to vote for their fav window but we keep getting comments closed and dont seem able …. any help or susgestions ? Has voting closed ? I am in a class room with 28 students all with an opinion to vote but we only have 4 computers and we get the message comments closed each time…. can any one tell us why or how we can vote ?

    Hi there Abbey; unfortunately the survey has been set up to prevent one person from the same computer lodging multiple votes, should they on the off chance be attempting to block vote. Now I’m sure a classroom of kids who have participated in the competition and have their own entry will most certainly NOT fall into this category, but nevertheless, could I ask that the young scamps place their votes from their computers at home. – Ed

  2. Matilda says:

    Saw the kindy fence today. It’s intact and looking amazing – well done kindy!

  3. ChrisW says:

    I vote for the Devonport Kindergarten fence. It looked fantastic on Friday night. Not sure how it handled the weather though.

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