America’s Cup Yachts Back On The Harbour

Posted by on May 06, 2011 | 5 Comments

The Auckland tests were meant to prepare the America’s Cup teams and organizers for the first World Series events in Europe. But on Thursday, it looked more like San Francisco as fog rolled in over the City of Sails.

The foggy conditions were expected to dissipate quickly, but proved to be a stubborn nemisis for much of the day. Finally, by early afternoon, the mist lifted, the helicopters took off, and the race committee was able to start the test session.

The wind was light for the second consecutive day, but again, the AC45s proved their versatility in marginal racing conditions. The wing sails are showing enough power in winds as light as 3-4 knots to move the boats well enough to race. Later in the session, winds were up in the six to eight knot range, which made for some spectacular short course fleet racing.

“We’re trying to get the maximum we can with what we’ve got,” said John Craig, Principal Race Officer. “Today we were down to two and three knots of breeze which is difficult. The boats are pretty amazing, they’re still moving around… but it’s been a struggle.

“The fog we had today was maybe what you’d see in San Francisco, but typically you’d see 15 t0 20 knots of breeze with it, so today we had fog where there wasn’t much wind, so a tough day.”

The Auckland test sessions will conclude on Friday.


  1. GT says:

    It’s Ms. GT and Ms. G&T in summer.

    The universe works in mysterious ways… years ago we did some signage on the beam of “Young America”. I asked if it was ok for me to be on the yacht (some people believe that females on a boat bring bad luck). ‘All good’, they said. Two days later the yacht broke in half.

  2. Bond says:

    Why thank you Ms/Mr G&T. Martinis are always welcome. I’d say Bottoms Up!, but perhaps this isn’t the right toast for our Cup sailors, who I hope will manage to stay afloat this time.

  3. GT says:

    Mr Bond… think it’s time you had another martini. Shaken, not stirred… GT

  4. GB says:

    Yip saw them later in the arvo, wicked sight!..btw that fog on Thursday morning was really bad, we couldn’t see either side of the ferry when I was coming back to Devo at round 9am.

  5. Bond says:

    We are sailiiing, we are sailiing… PING! We are sailiing, we are saaailiing… SNAP! Oh bugger, not again!

    Hope you sailors have toughened up the boats this time.

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