Albany Fan Zone To Open This Weekend

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Should be a good one: Albany Fan Zone

Should be a good one: Albany Fan Zone

If you’re wanting to try a new, overcrowded and gridlocked experience for the RWC other than that available to you at The Cloud, the Albany Fan Zone is opening this weekend.

Just joking! Having been to a couple of games in the CBD fan zone (but not the opening night) it is a surprisingly enjoyable experience, with the bonhomie among the foreign and most home fans more than outweighing the behaviour of the odd drunken louth.

Devonport had applied to the RWC powers that be to establish a fan zone in Windsor Park – instead it went to Albany. While it would have provided an astonishing opportunity for local businesses if our bid had been successful, it could have been a double-edged sword; perhaps ending a little like the alcohol-fuelled Food and Wine Festival of 2009.

In any case, the Albany site is an excellent one; there’s plenty of space, transport is being put on (buses not trains people) and they are planning some great entertainment, including Devonport’s own EarlyBirds.

Want some more information? Click here.

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