A Ray Of Sunshine: Xanthe Katsouras

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Xanthe Katsouras

Xanthe Katsouras

To be honest, my expectations of my visit to Xanthe Katsouras were somewhat mixed. I had met Xanthe briefly and, on the recommendation of a friend, had booked a massage with her.

However, I was also aware that she termed herself an ‘Intuitive Therapist/Healer’ and although I was curious to find out what this meant, I was also slightly trepidatious.

I need not have worried. Xanthe is as sunny as her name suggests (Greek for ‘yellow’) and her warm welcome put me at my ease straight away.

Xanthe has lived in New Zealand for 5 years and practises massage and life coaching from her Devonport home. She moved here from Sydney feeling the need for a life change and soon settled in our pretty suburb, finding the environment relaxing and supportive to her work.

She has practised massage for 17 years but is also building a thriving life-coaching business, taking elements from her psychology studies, training expertise and astrological interests to design a process which enables the client to take control of their own life through self-awareness and using the life skills she teaches.

Her approach is an holistic one, looking at a person’s life as a whole rather than just focusing on one aspect and therefore helping the client to make connections and resolve dilemmas.

I found Xanthe’s approach to life interesting and different – it’s not often you come across people who are truly open to experience and constantly curious about life.

She attributes her interests to ‘inquisitiveness’ and a fascination with people – qualities which come across very strongly. I could imagine sitting and telling her all my secrets – not something I do easily – with complete confidence. She has a real aura of kindness along with a strong integrity which I found very relaxing.

And after the chatting, the massage. Xanthe’s massage room is warm and cosy, and the massage was absolutely wonderful – I was nearly asleep by the end of it, and Charlie the cat had completely nodded off, obviously lulled by the relaxing vibes of the room.

Xanthe does sometimes use massage as a part of the holistic coaching process, depending on the client’s preferences, and I can easily imagine how it would enable the client to relax and look more deeply into their thoughts as a result.

Read more at  http://dolphinmagictransformations.weebly.com

Xanthe Katsouras can be contacted on 09 445 6121 or 0276 5555 77 or on email at xanthe_dolphin@hotmail.com. She is currently running an introductory Life Coaching special of three 1 hour sessions for $180.


  1. Maria says:

    Although I now live in Ireland this article reflects my own feelings & experiences on Xanthe’s brilliant ability to guide people on their journey and at the same time help heal them emotionally, physically & spiritually. It is heart warming to see an article shining light on this very very special being. I feel blessed that I have known Xanthe for over 20 years.

  2. Jennifer Dunn says:

    Having worked with Xanthe and been a recipient of her amazing massage….all I can say is that Devonport….”Consider yourself lucky because we are constantly trying to coerce Xanthe back to Sydney, every chance we get”
    We are waiting for that day to come.
    Come back Xanthe….Jennifer :))

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