A Mini Cooper For A Bentley

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Philippa Bentley (left) is given the keys by local ASB manager Andrea Taylor

Local artist Philippa Bentley was agog to hear she had won big this week; a brand new Mini Cooper from the ASB Bank.

The ASB is running a national competition in which it is giving away a Mini Cooper every month, and 40-odd other prizes.

This month it was Philippa’s name that was drawn from the thousands of eligible account holders; something she still doesn’t really believe.

“I can’t believe I’m going to get in it and drive it away” she said as she viewed the brand new vehicle parked outside the ASB Friday afternoon.

Philippa also revealed she has previously won two other prizes with the ASB draw; a set of kitchen knives and a Xmas hamper.

Philippa is planning to take one of her sons to Woodhill over the weekend to get the hang of driving the car.

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