A Hunt For The Outrageous

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Tresna Hunt

Tresna Hunt

Devonport mum Tresna Hunt has what you might call a few strings to her bow.

Mother of 2. PhD. Stand-up comic. And now scriptwriter.

You could say Tresna was good with words, whether its the one hundred-odd thousand she wrote for her PhD, the jokes she penned for her stand-up act or the script she developed which has just won her the national Outrageous Fortune “Submit a Script” competition.

The competition was run jointly by the unlikely bedfellows of Unitec and the Auckland Museum and judged by New Zealand actor Tim Balme.

The museum is running the competition as part of its “Outrageous Fortune” exhibition, details of which you can find here. Unitec offer a scriptwriting course, which Tresna was on when she saw the advertisement for the competition.

“I saw the flier and just thought I’d give it a go.”

The competition required a 3 minute scene to be written, with the prize being the scene to be shot at the Museum using Unitec acting students.  Twenty-three entries for the competition were received.

Tresna was delighted with the win. “The scene I used is actually from a play I’m writing. This particular scene is called ‘Two sisters and a cousin’ and explores the dynamics between two sisters when they are exposed to the behaviour of a highly eccentric cousin.”

Tresna’s scene will be shot on the 2nd May, on site at the Auckland Museum, although plans for a screening have yet to be finalised.

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  1. Martha says:

    Well done Tresna, I came across this by chance. It sounds like an interesting script, look forward to hearing more and coming to see it when its completed.

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