2011: Your Reflections On The Year In Devonport

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Devonpozzians: The Speculator will be  publishing a light-hearted look at the year that was 2011 in Devonport. Before we embark on this glorious task, we would like to give you the opportunity to provide some input.

A Devonport local relaxes on the Kea after a great night out at company Xmas party

A Devonport local relaxes on the Kea after a great night out at the company Xmas party

So, STOP! Lean back in that chair. Put your feet up on the desk. Light that cigar, or pour that glass of sherry and think for the moment of the good old days of the gold standard, Brufax and Dougal Stevenson.

Now that you’re relaxed and in a nostalgic frame of mind, reflect upon the previous 12 months in Devonport. What of note has happened in your neighbourhood. Maybe you were bullied on the way to work by those Stanley Point miscreants? Perhaps the grandmother of your best friend tried to pick you up in Didas? Or did you wake up with a knitted doll of Dan Carter under your pillow?

Let us know what interesting tales befell you this year, and we will shamelessly publish them as our own work. Lacking a bit of courage? That bottle of sherry wants to be your friend.

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