Xmas Tree To Illuminate Devonport Wharf

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 | 5 Comments

Judy Machin and the team prepare the Xmas tree for assembly

Judy Machin and the team prepare the Xmas tree for assembly

With the help from a few friends, local resident Judy Machin decided she would brighten up Devonport for Christmas.

After securing permission to use the normally closed “bow” area of the Devonport wharf, she raised enough funds from some local businesses to install a 20 foot Xmas tree on the site. Sporting 2160 lights, the tree should be visible from the CBD, the ferry and Devonport.

Barfoot and Thompson, Resene, New World and Sedgeway all pitched in some cash to make it happen, with Ranald McDonald of The Xmas Shop in Carlton Gore Rd also helping above and beyond the call of duty.

Out of such initiatives great ideas can grow; the area seems custom made for some kind of display to illuminate Devonport; be it for passengers on the incoming cruise liners, ferry commuters or residents of Devonport itself.

If you have any ideas about how the area could be beautified, drop us a line. Go crazy and include the Port O’ Call balcony as well.

The possibilities are exciting...

The possibilities are exciting...


  1. GB says:

    Good one Judy, many kudos to you and the team there!..adds to a much needed ‘uplifting sight’ on the wharf there. 🙂

  2. True says:

    would love to hear more about why the ‘bow’ is closed and also why Port O’Call isn’t used. Have only lived here 3 years so don’t know the history. The wharf could be such a fun place. Thanks Judy for the tree – a great start to transforming the place. Also I love the informal mini market that still manages to keep afloat on the wharf Sunday mornings. Really great new little produce stall with very knowledgable grower from I think Coatesville just selling her own mostly organics veges. She deserves support, as does the baker using only high quality ingredients including free range eggs.

  3. Alistair says:

    That reminds me … any chance of an article/update on the Wharf developments please ??

  4. Ian says:

    Great idea! Shall ponder the possibilities.

  5. Wendy says:

    Ysy!! That will be amazing,thank you Judy!!

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