Wosson This Week?

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funDevonport residents: your mission (should you choose to accept), is to attend at least one of the events below.

Some of the events are occurring at the weekend, but we’ve included them in the list now to give you a chance to plan ahead. All the details are in the Speculator’s calendar, accessible via the links below.

Wosson This Week? Information
North Shore Heritage Festival (general link) Click here for details
Devonport Community Handyman’s Workshop Click here for details
Devonport Museum Open Day Click here for details
Devonport Folk Club Click here for details
Children’s Quiz and Devonport Memories Exhibition Click here for details
Devonport Through Artists’ Eyes Click here for details
Victoria Theatre: Behind The Scenes Click here for details
The Life and Works of Bruce Mason Click here for details
The Motutapu Island Tours Click here for details
The Architecture Debate Click here for details
How To Get Published Click here for details


  1. JB says:

    Hmmm, I don’t know that many old ladies called Saffron – are you sure she’s genuine?

  2. Saffron says:

    Dear Sir, I am elderly and speak english. Please can you provide a human readable translation of the headline ‘Wosson This Week’. Surprisingly (not) Wosson does not appear in my copy of the Oxford Dictionary. Love Saffron.

    Dear Saffron: before concerning yourself with the vagaries of The Speculator’s etymological digressions, please refer to your appalling grammar i.e. “human readable.” Please also note the lack of capitalisation of the word “English.” Such a transgression was a capital offence in England in 1663, as I’m sure you probably remember. – Ed

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