World’s Fastest Indian Crashes on Mt Vic

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Psycho cyclists are planning a full on clash with extreme walkers. And Devonport is slated to be the battlefield.

♣ World speed cycling champion Savneesh  Laxma’s plans to attempt a challenge of his record beating descent of Mt Vic of under 2 seconds, ended with a spectacular crash last week, when he ploughed into a group of “extreme walkers.” “Extreme walking” is fast becoming a popular sport, with participants often practicing their sport in unusual and dangerous conditions. Some walkers have been seen tumbling down sheer cliffs, walking into rivers and being flattened on busy roads.

Laxma however, was philosophical.  “To be honest, I don’t really care about the speed aspect of it” he said. “It’s more for the spectators. I just love watching them go under my wheel and hearing their screams as they turn into roadkill. I’m not really an innocent bloke going for a morning ride at all. I’m psycho I am.”

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Laxma attacks three extreme walkers who had disguised themselves as roadkill

Laxma’s recent world record performance attracted global media interest, after one of the walkers he hit turned out to be none other than world champion extreme walker Katerina Flat. Famous for her extraordinary attempt to beat the late Virginia Bold’s 0.5 second record of walking blindfolded down the middle lane of the North Western Motorway, Flat believes Mt Victoria represented her greatest challenge yet. “The North Western was just a walk in the park compared to this” she said. “Westies, taxi drivers, truckies and couriers have nothing on Laxma. He’ll follow you all over the road and even onto the verge to make sure he gets you.”

Despite her setback, Flat claims she’ll up the stakes on her next Mt Vic attempt, planned for Easter. “I’m not put off at all. The Easter attempt will take things to a whole new level. I’m going to be walking down the middle of the road, blindfolded and bearing a cross whilst being body-painted by Vaughan Clements. To celebrate my successful descent, I shall have a nice storm in a teacup with my friend at the bottom.”

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