Windsor Reserve Hosts Jean Batten School’s Day Out

Posted by on Dec 01, 2010 | 2 Comments

The inevitable sitting up straight competition

The inevitable sitting up straight competition

The Speculator was delighted to discover 160 kids gamboling in Windsor Reserve today.

On investigation, it turned out they were years 5 and 6 from Jean Batten School in Mangere on their bi-annual visit to Devonport. The “Transport Day” is an opportunity for the kids to experience various modes of transport; during the course of the return trip they use train, bus and ferry.

The event was co-organised by “Manukau on the Move:” a council organisation that assists south Auckland schools in formulating day trips that allow the kids to experience environments they might not normally come in contact with. One of the parents informed The Speculator the ferry trip had been overwhelming for some of the kids, some of whom had never been on a ship the size of the Kea (although the Speculator is unconvinced that the Kea’s angular, wedding cake push me pull you design truly qualifies it as a ship).

The day was made up of a trip on the train and ferry to Devo, some fun team-based activities in the park, and then a bendy bus back to Mangere.

Exhausted from a morning of mischief, this young rake takes a nap

Exhausted from a morning of mischief, this young rake takes a nap


  1. Ian says:

    Go, Speculator! When I drove past busy Windsor Reserve that day, and saw the bendy bus parked opposite, I thought, “I’ll be able to read about this in The Speculator” and I could!

    Incidentally, did you know some people are saying you run the ‘hit score’ to undermine The Flagstaff? Don’t do it – we need you both!

  2. Andrea says:

    Some of my best memories (among many) of my visits to Devonport are the trips across the harbour in the Kea. She is a lovely ship!

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