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The Devonport Speculator - Devonport News and Information

He's urbane, germane - and occasionally a bit naughty

Wohay! Welcome to the Devonport Speculator!

We’re going to be updating the site on a daily basis, so make sure you subscribe to the email alert; it comes out once a day with a list of new articles. You can subscribe just over there on your right, and down a bit. We won’t use your email for spam ads or anything, so don’t worry about that!

The site has been going just over three months, has been read over 65,000 times and visited over 15,000 times! That’s the equivalent of every adult in Devonport reading it every month!

We’re here so you can find out what’s going on in our community; crime, property, politics, events, sales – you name it.Give us a bell if there’s something you think that we should know, or you want to tell the rest of the community about. Just email us at info@speculator.co.nz

There’s more information about the site here – in our FAQ section:http://www.speculator.co.nz/2010/the-devonport-speculator-faqs/

The Site Structure
There are seven main categories;

Devonport Community

Devonport News


Issues and Opinion : take a look at the planned changes for Fort Takapuna;

Real Estate

Enjoying Devonport : and

Local Shopping.

We  also have a selection of Devonport-focused humour: check out our LOLs section.

Under each of these, you will find a menu of subcategories. At the bottom of each page, you can find links to other pages. Go explore.

Check out some other cool features: like the webcam (to help dodge those traffic jams in the weekend and after school) and the calendar; it has listed every Devonport event known to humanity.

After all that – let us know what you think!

Oh – by the way – the name Speculator does not imply any focus on, or interest in, property or financial speculation; the name simply refers to our interest in discussing and “speculating” on issues involving Devonport.


The Speculator Team


  1. Duderdude says:

    Have been following you for the last few months and have enjoyed immensely your comments and views ( and your tongue in cheek humour ).

    Keep up the good work. I hope the advertising on this site is rewarding you for your great idea.

  2. Andree says:

    Great site! have just been sent the link. LOVE living in Devonport – it has so much to offer.

  3. Jordan says:

    This is wonderful! My best friend and I are working and living on Christmas Island and we regularly mope about how much we miss our Devo. Now we can keep up with all the scandal!

  4. Gloria Starweaver(nee Howarth) says:

    I was born in Devonport July 1941 in the early hours of the morning..both my mother and I nearly died..so an ambulance was sent over on the car ferry to take us to Auckland Hospital.I have returned and live in and around Devonport many times in my life..Next july I turn 70yrs old and would love to ride the ferry and spend the day over there. xoxox

  5. robyn says:

    Hi and congrats with the site, love that there is now something so interesting to link up with and find out some folks views that are not always sublimely dormant,

  6. hilary says:

    Thank you. It’s great for someone at present on a far flung foreign strand who likes to keep in touch.
    The dog story from last weekend was primo. Disappointing though that there was apparently no Canine Freedom Memorial Prize in the name of Devonport’s revered and much missed peripatetic dog, Bruno (have I got his name right?) I’ll bankroll it for next year!

  7. GB says:

    Many kudos to you guys for starting this wicked and rad site up..Where’s the launch party going to be, at the Masonic? 🙂

  8. AListair says:

    How are you funding this ? just interested …

  9. J & J Scott says:

    we know who is behind this and we will not let their vile propaganda go unanswered. this website is the voice of sea slug vice and is nothing but a foul abomination. devonport will be OURS!!!!!

  10. sam says:

    Fantastic site–I think I’m going to join ASPIC (anti stanley point idiots corps)…

  11. Teri says:

    This is excellent, such a great community with interesting characters and lot’s going on. This site looks like it will bring it all together – cool!

  12. Jo Eve says:

    The site looks fantastic – what a great idea!

  13. Val says:

    Love it! Love the yellow, love the graphics, love the features! Can feel the excitement just talking to the Speculator team recently and friends who’ve heard about it. Congrats on the launch! Will forward links to as many local friends as we know.
    No doubt my supportive husband will have lots to say, but he’s just rushed off to the tennis court, but promised to be back!

  14. Mark says:

    Interesting, thanks, good to have a site just for Devo

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