Community Provides Vital Assistance in Bayswater Manhunt

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On Thursday the 28th of October at about 7.00pm, Police went to a Bayswater address to arrest a male for breaching his court imposed bail.

He ran out the back door and tried to avoid Police by running through private properties. As well as local units, a police dog handler and the Police Helicopter – Eagle – were deployed to locate the man.

The police received at least three calls from residents about a suspicious male running or hiding in their properties, and a police spokesman made it clear that this contribution from the community was critical in assisting them with making the arrest.

“We would like to thank the local community for their assistance. Through these calls we were able to get real time information about the fugitives movements and deploy our resources more effectively. The Police Dog Handler was able to locate and arrest the fugitive 1.2km from his home , even though he had run through multiple streets and properties.”

If the Police Helicopter Eagle is operating in your area, it is a very loud and visual signal that something significant is happening in your community. Police advise residents should do the following:

  • Stay indoors,
  • Lock your doors and vehicles.
  • Keep an eye out your window for any suspicious activity and report it to the Police via 111 immediately.
  • Also call Police at this time about any suspicious activity that may have occurred in the hour leading up to the arrival of the Police helicopter.

Once the helicopter has left the area, then the residents may resume normal activity, but still be aware of any suspicious activity. The helicopter may not have been able to locate the wanted person, and so we are still interested in any suspicious behaviour following its departure.

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