Two Navy Salutes 6th December

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The first gun salute at 0800 (1 gun) was to signify the commencement of a Court Martial being held at the Base, and will continue each day the Court is in session.

The second at 10:00 was for Chief of Defence Force Timor Leste, who is visiting the base.

Chocolate fish for whoever can name the ship in the picture.


  1. ruth says:

    Dear Dr Speck

    Seems you are suggesting the community will hear about it at another time?

    Do you know if section 41(b) also deals with naval ratings charged with socially unbecoming behaviour – especially in relation to significant damage to personal property?

    Section 41(b) only applies to incidents that occur within the naval base, so it would depend upon the location of said personal property at the time significant damage was inflicted. – Ed

  2. Bond says:

    Hmm. The good ship Rumpot I believe – no doubt firing upon the nearest art gallery…

    Are they court martialling the Drunken Sailor? More info please Dr Speck.

    Your wish is my command Lord, er Mr, um 007 license to kill Bond..The Court-Martial of New Zealand will sit at 9:00 am on 6 December 2010 to try a naval rating charged with ill treating a person of lower rank contrary to section 41(b) of the Armed Forces Discipline Act 1971. The court-martial will take place at the Palmer Building, HMNZS PHILOMEL, Devonport, Auckland.

    As the evidence relating to the charge is sub judice, no further information relating to the charge or the ranks and names of the personnel involved will be promulgated at this time.

    – Ed

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