Trish Sweetman: More Than Just A Teacher

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One of Devonport’s best–loved pre-school teachers retired on Friday.

Trish Sweetman

Trish Sweetman: 14 years of service to the pre-schoolers of Devonport

Trish Sweetman, who has been at Devonport Kindergarten for 14 years, was farewelled in an emotional gathering of past and present families who have known Trish during her time there.

While the morning kindy children were on a trip to Auckland Museum with Trish and head teacher Carolyn Rendle, parents and helpers secretly festooned the kindy with balloons, ribbons, banners and pictures.

A sausage sizzle was set up and everyone brought a plate of food to share. On returning from the trip, Trish was delighted and surprised to be greeted by a large group of parents and children who led her to sit on the ‘throne’ (normally the privilege of birthday children) and who proceeded to present her with flowers, gifts, a beautiful handmade card signed by all the children, and a large cake with candles.

Carolyn made an emotional speech about her time at kindy with Trish and it was clear that a strong personal and professional bond had developed between the two teachers during their time together.

Trish, in an equally emotional response, said how lucky she felt to have been at the kindy and how much she loved the children and the community.

Trish and Caroline, who runs the Devonport kindy

Trish and Carolyn, a long-standing team at the Devonport kindy

She felt sad to leave, she said, although she was looking forward to new challenges and more time with her family. She did insist however that she be allowed to return to relieve.

It was clear from the many tears and much laughter at the occasion that Trish has been a dearly-loved teacher and will be missed by everyone at the kindy. I asked some of the children what they most liked about her and these are some of their responses;

‘We like her and we’re going to miss her’ Juliet

‘I like playing with Trish and tidying up’ Max

‘I like it when Trish sets up the football’ Vincent

‘I like cuddling her’ Sylvie

‘’She helps me with my drains’ Joshua

‘Jumping up and down with Trish’ William

‘Because I love her’ Sophia


  1. Claire Green says:

    Trish – All of our family have very fond memories of you Trish. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to both Riley and Amelia – It is people like you that make kindy special for our children. The memories you have created of their time with you at kindy are wonderful gift (probably a life long one). Thank you – from the Green Family

  2. Dave Moore says:

    All three Devo kids (Kate, Logan and Scott) in our house went through Big Kindy during Trish’s time, and enjoyed the wonderful preparation for school that it offered. All the very best for the future Trish, and thanks for everything you have done for our kids. x

  3. Diane Eaglesome says:

    I have extremely fond memories of Trish when my now 8 yr old, Daisy Eaglesome was at kindy – the team was Carolyn, Trish and Georgie and the passion for their jobs and the quality of their care and teaching was just amazing. I cried when it was time for Daisy to move on and can well understand the emotion of saying farewell to a wonderful teacher like Trish. Best wishes for your next challenge! xx

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