Traffic Chaos In The Offing for Bridge Commuters

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 | 4 Comments

Devonport commuter

Devonport commuters heading across the bridge may want to think creatively about getting to work for the next three months, as preparations are made for the construction of the Victoria Park tunnel.

North Shore commuters will face extra delays driving home from Auckland for three months from this afternoon while the Wellington St motorway on-ramp is closed for construction work.

The Transport Agency is blocking the ramp until the end of November so support walls can be built for the southern entrance to the motorway tunnel being dug through Victoria Park.

That will mean longer peak-time traffic queues at remaining entry points to the motorway, notably from Fanshawe St, which the agency suggests drivers consider avoiding in favour of the northbound link from Grafton Gully.

The Transport Agency is suggesting North Shore commuters consider varying their working hours if possible to avoid the evening peak.

It has also paid for a 150-vehicle temporary park-and-ride site at the Harbourside Church in Esmonde Rd, Takapuna, where commuters can leave their cars and catch buses across the bridge instead.

If you work in the CBD  and can get a park at Harbourside, this  could be an excellent way to actually have a LESS stressful journey into town. Give it a go.

Source: NZ Herald


  1. Kevin says:

    What you mean the law actually applies to a cyclist even if they’re wearing lycra??? Are lycra wearers supposed to use the cycle lanes too????
    Somebody’d better tell them!!!!

  2. Simple Thinking says:

    Been thinking about Esmonde Rd on ramp and the choking traffic coming from the north.


    Think about if for a moment and put aside years of conditioning.

    Motorways at peak hours are to allow Auckland communters to move around the city. NOT to encourage urban sprawl to the north.

  3. Jay says:

    I agree Bella. I saw the exact scenario on the zebra crossing before turning down towards Narrowneck. A bunch of i’d say 7 or 8 cyclists at full speed with no care or concern for mother and young one. Appalling. The road was built for one purpose – motor traffic.

    I’d love to cycle myself but I know who would win in a car versus bike battle.

    Cyclists get a grip and use your brain otherwise don’t bother wearing a helmet.

  4. Bella says:

    Hi Speculator…great work with the site….keep it up.

    Today’s question is an oldie but a goodie.

    What is it with cyclists (esp those wearing all the flash gear) who think they don’t have to stop at a ped crossing for a woman pushing a baby buggy (they literally passed less than 1 meter in front of her)and then yell abuse at a motorist (who did give way) for merely inquring politely if the ped crossing rules don’t apply to them? A simple….”oops Im sorry” would have been acceptable.

    No wonder there is so much acrimony about cars vs cyclists vs pedestrians.

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