TIC – TOK – Twit In Car Threatening Our Kids

Posted by on Sep 06, 2010 | 3 Comments

crossReported by local resident:

At approx 1910 hrs Friday 3 Sept, travelling east on Calliope Rd in very dark, wet conditions, at or about the 50 km/h.

Between Kiwi and Roslyn Rds,  a dark coloured Mazda 626 sedan, reg number known but not published, with a single occupant, confirmed as Devonport resident.

Executed extremely dangerous passing manoeuvre;  given the numbers of cars parked on both sides of Calliope Rd narrowing the usable carriageway and the prevailing weather and traffic conditions.

Estimated that the vehicle must have accelerated to in excess of 70km/h in order to complete the pass.

*555 dialled and was requested by the call taker to trail the vehicle if safe to do so and to stay on the phone while a police car was despatched.

Unfortunately by the time the Belmont shops were reached, the driver of the other vehicle became aware that he was being following and started speeding and weaving through traffic.


  1. GB says:

    On ya, the local residents opening story there..Yes, coughs, and the amount of ratbags I see driving around the village during the day, doing all sorts of dangerous manoevures.(sp?)coughs.. 🙂

  2. Peter Hyde says:

    well done local resident ,I did it may times in Devonport with great success, i had drunks arrested and pulled reckless youths from cars and held them until police arrived even pulled the plug cables out from under the bonnet so they could not drive off,most times the police are happy for you to do it as long as you dont hurt them too much,keep up the good work, stop them before they kill someone.

  3. Stanley S. says:

    Dear Sir, please let it be known that I am a big fan of your nifty new feature which exposes all the miscreant drivers of Devonport.

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