“The Vessel” Is Whole Again

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Mike, Virginia and Luke King in front of the repaired "Vessel."

Mike, Virginia and Luke King in front of the repaired "Vessel."

Devonport’s iconic sculpture “Vessel” by Virginia King has been restored to its former glory after it was vandalised around 12 months ago.

The sculpture, made from Hinuera stone (a volcanic stone composed of hardened ash and pumice ejected from the Taupo explosion), is composed of two pieces; the base and the vessel. The vessel was removed and smashed, and the base had also been attacked.

Today  however, the sculpture was returned to its former glory, and Virginia King, accompanied by her husband Mike and son Luke were glad to see it complete again. “For some reason, I kept all the original tools I used to make the sculpture, which made recreating it easier. It still took about 6 weeks to re-build the vessel however” said Virginia.

Virginia, who has been short-listed for the prestigious Katherine Mansfield project in Wellington, also has works on display in Bondai Beach Australia.

Her work can be viewed at www.virginiakingsculptor.com.

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