The Speculator’s Auckland Marathon Gallery

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The Speculator has to admit to being tucked up in bed this morning when the marathon started, still sulking over Henry’s “stupid subs” policy in the Bledisloe match last night.  The Speculator must confess to throwing the tissue box at the TV when that nice young man James O’Connor went over for the last-minute try. However, as the Speculady pointed out, that’s better than throwing the TV at the tissue box.

However, the irrepressible Goina Thedinga of  – unfettered by the emotion of being an ardent All Blacks supporter – was up with the birds to ensure you – valuable reader and ad-clicker –  could relax over a coffee this fine morning and peruse some excellent images of the event.

The spectators were great, clapping and cheering the runners on as they passed. They picked out people running: ‘hello green lady,… hello lady in green… you’re doing great…’ ‘Ninja turtles… go ninja turtles…’ ‘Buzzy Bee… go buzzy bee…’ ‘Keep following the road… go that way…’ ‘Yes, show us lazy ones how it’s done…’

There was also talk about the man in the Darth Vader costume. Apparently he was going to retire as he only would run in as many marathons as there were Star Wars movies.

And what a beautiful day for such a great event. Enjoy the photos!

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