The Speculator To “Chill” Over Xmas

Posted by on Dec 20, 2010 | 4 Comments

The Speculator – exhausted by its first four months in the real world – is taking a breather over Xmas. However, before we do so, we are going to publish a summary of Devonport Xmas activities; this will be up shortly.

This DOES NOT mean there will be no new articles, just that we may slow down a little.

So, for the period 24/12/2010 to 7/1/2011-ish, The Speculator will reflect upon phenomena other than the machinations of Devonport. Some of these reflections – as well as Devo news – may appear among the pages.

In our first four months we have been viewed 86,822 times and visited 22,738 times by 6,504 different people.  The Speculassy (aged 8) can’t count this high, so it must be a big number.

So thank you, honest burghers of Devonport, for your support. It has been a pleasure communicating with you all, and a relief that you laughed/giggled/ smiled or only harrumphed at some of the more light-hearted moments on the site. There will be plenty more to come.

And remember; it’s always wonderful to hear from you; thoughts, news, ideas … keep sending them in.

We have plenty of plans for 2011 – some of them quite big – so keep an eye out for the colour yellow and our little worm logo guy.

Merry Xmas!

The Speculator Team, The Speculady, and The Speculassy.

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  1. GB says:

    Impressive figures and congrats ed!
    Hey speakin of chillin, jus got back from the snow dome, most of Devo is there, all lined up waiting to go in, the line stretches back to the footpath, across from the lbrary(2:12pm)..I was there yeste talking to the security guard there, he said it’s been to alot of places so far and expected a good turn out from Devo people and tourists alike.
    Will try to get in later on, past the anklebiters and their spunky Mums! 🙂

  2. Joy says:

    Thank you for lots of interesting reading this year; appreciate being kept up-to-date locally. Among other things it’s nice to be informed about the sometimes mysterious gun salutes!
    Relax well for a while, as deserved, and enjoy the season.

    Thanks – and thanks for the feedback! – Ed

  3. Mike says:

    Warning! Avoid all martinis/margarettas or anything alcoholic offered by a Bond 003. Not for the faint arted!

  4. Bond says:

    A well deserved break in my view Dr Speck. Happy Christmas martinis.

    003 (licensed to kick)

    Thank you good Sir/Madam – Ed

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