The Moment The Commentators Missed: John “Smitten” By Nonu’s Boot

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Children play with Nonu's discarded boot

Children remove Smit's stuffing from Nonu's discarded boot

How the boot ended up on the other foot for John Smit in Sunday’s epic test.

The Speculator was riveted to the spectacular test against the Springboks in Soweto on Sunday. And there was one classic moment missed by the commentators that The Speculator caught and simply has to share with its readers.

As Nonu receives the ball in the 79th minute, John Smit, the Springbok captain celebrating his 100th test, yet exhausted by the pace of the game and the emotion of the occasion, slips off his tackle on Nonu. As he drops off Nonu’s thundering legs, he hooks onto Nonu’s boot, which becomes detached from his foot. Nonu actually makes his match-winning break in one boot and one sock.

As Nonu feeds the pass to Dagg, Smit can be seen in the corner of the screen kneeling on the pitch, dejectedly throwing the studded souvenir of his missed tackle into the ground. A moment that said it all, and contrasted somewhat with his slightly hubris-laden, “heroic” solo entry onto the pitch.  As they say; rugby is a game of two halves.

The Speculator’s second favourite moment; as the All Blacks run out onto the field, 94,000 South Africans bay for their blood. Captain Richie McCaw calmly looks around the stadium and can be seen saying to his team, “Soak it up boys…”

The connection to Devonport news? Um…..bring back…er, Buck?

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