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Yes, more yellow things

Yes, more yellow things

1. What is the Speculator / Devonport Speculator?
A new, online news site, focused on Devonport, for people who live in Devonport, people who are looking to move to Devonport and people visiting Devonport. It’s designed to be entertaining, informative and useful.

2. Entertaining? What does that mean?
Most of the site is news and information, but the occasional article takes a light-hearted look at life in Devonport. These can be found in the LOLs section.

3. What’s in it?
It covers just about everything: news, local issues, interviews, sports news, school news, features, good local sales and deals, real estate news and information, community events, places to go… you name it! It also hopes to run discussions on local issues, such as the Masonic, local parking, cycle lanes etc, without taking sides. It also has a calendar of local events and a webcam that monitors traffic on Lake Rd, so you can plan your trips out of Devonport without getting caught in that terrible jam!

4. Isn’t that what The Flagstaff does?
The Flagstaff is a Devonport institution, and The Speculator can and will always be found on a Thursday afternoon with its feet up, on the deck, reading The Flagstaff.  The Flagstaff comes out every two weeks in print form; the Speculator will be updated daily, but is online. The two should be able to co-exist quite happily, and hopefully work together on important issues.

5. Who’s producing it?
A bunch of local Devonport people, who are generally active in the community. External contributors will be clearly authored.

6. Does it have an agenda?
No. It is simply a site for Devonport people or visitors to Devonport to find out about what is going on in Devonport. It has no particular barrows to push, and doesn’t intend to be hijacked by any particular barrows.

7. Why wouldn’t I go to a normal news website?
For national and international news you should. The Speculator is focused solely on Devonport and will cover Devonport in greater detail than the national sites.

8. Surely there isn’t enough news in Devonport to keep it updated daily?
You’d be surprised!

9. Is it free?
Yes: all costs are covered by advertising on the site, almost all of which is from local advertisers.

10. Can I advertise or comment on the site?
Absolutely. Once you’re on the site it’s pretty easy to find out how to do those kinds of things.

11. Does it have anything to do with financial speculation or property speculation?
No.  The name refers to the site’s purpose of speculating on (ie considering and talking about) local issues.

12. How can I keep up with what’s new on the site?
You can subscribe on the site to a daily email that will provide you with links to all the new articles.

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