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Get used to seeing yellow objects

Get used to seeing yellow objects

The Devonport Speculator – we hope – will inform, entertain and transform the lives of those of us fortunate enough to reside in Devonport. Yes. Er, really.

The Speculator came about after discussions among a bunch of Devonport-based friends, in which we were imagining what a good community online forum might look like and how it could enhance Devonport’s sense of community.

The more we talked, the more a news-type site seemed to evolve, but with one important caveat. We didn’t want it to be like other news sites!

We wanted to steer clear of celebrity-worship, bad language, sex and death and the vicious personal attacks that are such a common feature of today’s mass media.

The Devonport Speculator - Devonport News and Information
He’s urbane, germane – and occasionally a bit naughty

Instead, we wanted a site that was informative, entertaining and useful, but that did not resort to any of the above to achieve it.

That is not to say we wanted to avoid a bit of spice completely. But we hoped a Devonport audience might be game for a spot of satire with its news; you know, the odd unfortunate juxtaposition, the occasional, slightly surreal re-interpretation of events, a gentle misconstruing of an issue.  The “Far Side” cartoons are a good example to have in mind: uncanny insight and funny, but never crude, racist or tendentious. For those of a similar mindset, we hope you find something on the site that provokes you enough to respond in kind.

We also wanted to provide a real-time forum, in which issues of importance to the community could be discussed, both sides of the story presented and objections responded to.

The real-time nature of the site could have other advantages; we wanted to provide current information on traffic flows on Lake Rd, action in the real estate market, good deals in local shops, and even updates on crime and emergencies, where appropriate.

Finally, and most importantly, we wanted to provide a vehicle in which the community could communicate with itself;  one of the wonders of the Internet is its ability to provide a common place for many people to interact without necessarily being in physical proximity. We all share the same piece of the planet, and with it, many of the same concerns. Yet the pace of modern life means we rarely communicate with one another on these issues.

So – if you have any concerns or issues you think the community should be aware of, let us know. The idea of the site is that it both attracts and distributes information and news. Had something stolen off your front porch? Seen a film crew? Wondering what that work gang in the road is up to? Write in and let us know.

We do not want the views presented in The Speculator to reflect just the views of any specific group, faction, club, demographic or local politician. Those of us involved with The Speculator will express our views, but these will be opinions presented with the same weight as anyone else’s.

The Devonport Speculator - Devonport News and Information
The Speculator under construction

We are hoping that the site becomes a place “Devotees” or “Devonportians”  go to, to find out what is going on and what is being planned for what must be the most enchanting inner city suburb on the planet!

We hope you enjoy the site; comments and suggestions are welcome.

Finally, a couple of quick points of clarification.

The name Speculator does not imply any focus on, or interest in, property or financial speculation; the name simply refers to our interest in discussing and “speculating” on issues involving Devonport.

Secondly; we have been writing articles for the site for a couple of months; consequently, despite the site being brand new, some of the articles are not.

And now, on with the introduction.

The Speculator will feature…
– up to date Devonport news and gossip on issues like the Wharf, the Masonic, the Super City, your cat and climate change and The Vic. We intend to update the site DAILY.

– a light-hearted look at life on the tip of the peninsula. Some of the articles you encounter may appear to be based in fantasy, rather than fact. This could be the case.  These tend to appear in the LOLs section, although as The Speculator has experienced, life can be stranger than fiction.

– occasional thoughts from some of Devonport’s better known residents;

– occasional thoughts from some of Devonport’s lesser known residents; for example, an exclusive Q&A with Bob from the chip shop.

Some useful features include;
– a calendar of major events happening in and around Devonport; flick us any events you consider important and we’ll put them in;
–  a subscription service that will send you a daily email of links to new articles if you subscribe. We won’t spam you with anything else;
– a handy 24×7 live webcam feed of Lake Rd traffic flows between Old Lake Rd and Williamson Ave;
– the opportunity to voice your opinion on issues affecting Devonport;
– a detailed analysis of Devonport’s housing market;
– information on stuff you always wanted to know, like  –
a) How much crime is there really in Devonport?
b) How do you make a Stone Oven waitress smile?
c) What is Kea Hole Surgery?

The Speculator will not feature …
– any inappropriate content or language;
– voyeurism;
– too much, irrelevant or dodgy advertising (well, we’ll have to see about that – Ed and owner);
– bad grammar or spelling (although there will be the inevitable typos);
– personal vendettas.

The Site Structure
There are seven main categories; Devonport Community, Devonport News, Features, Issues and Opinion, Real Estate, Enjoying Devonport and Local Shopping. Under each of these, you will find a menu of subcategories. At the bottom of each page, you can find links to other pages. Go explore.

Some of the sections are yet to be fully developed; namely Real Estate, Enjoying Devonport and Local Shopping. These will evolve as the site evolves.

The Devonport Speculator - Devonport News and Information
The Speculator earlier

Contributing To The Site
The site will only be a success if you  – the Devonport resident – participate. “How can we participate”? we hear you cry. There are a number of ways;

– Comment on articles and issues, or write to us about anything you think is a worthy news item;
– Write to us about your experiences in Devonport; eating out, commuting, being a tourist or just hanging around;
– Report any criminal / nuisance behaviour to us. This will help the community and the Police track and identify maladjusted, bothersome and flawed individuals;
– Keep us up to date with the activities of any clubs of which you are an organiser;
– Or, if you want to organise a game of footy  at one of the local parks with some kids and Dads or something similarly impromptu….drop us a line and we’ll put it up. We might even put up some  prizes!
– If you own a local business, you can also use us to notify your customers in real time if you have any short term or special deals going.

Get the idea? We’re here to act as a real time notice board for our community; so keep us informed! Click on the link below to contact us.


The Speculator Team


  1. Bob says:

    Great concept and very best of luck with it. Will be following progress and contributing where possible. Just a thought: I’ve an early map (possibly 19th Century) by Harrison & Foster, authorised surveyors of Auckland, of the Devonport Borough Council area which clearly incorporates the small peninsular containing Ngataringa Road (then Queen St), Aramoana Ave (then Victoria Ave) and Kawerau Ave (then Princes St), Wesley St and part of Regent St. Surely, your maps of Devonport should encompass this area of land? It’s definitely part of Devonport. The Borough boundary runs along the north side of Princes St (now Kawerau Ave) to Lake Road and then along Old Lake Road to Narrow Neck Beach.

  2. Marcus says:

    Seems like a great idea. I was once a near Devo resident (just into the desert to the north) but with a mother still in Devo, and visiting the wonderful village nearly every day, hope I can contribute worthy opinion from time to time.

    Good luck in this gallant venture…..

    Thanks for the comment; looking forward to the contributions Marcus. Would be good to know what goes on in that Great Northern Desert 🙂 – Ed

  3. Derek Anderson says:

    Cheers team, a great idea. Im looking at the site for the first time and love it….well done. Reminds me of living in Discovery Bay in HK, which is to Hong Kong Central what Devo is to Auckland city.

    Your site mirrors the Disco Bay equivalent site in many way (lets hope you are able to control the vendetta users!!).

    All of which reminds me that one of the great things about Disco Bay was the shuttle service (8-10) seater vans)…..$HK10.00 (NZ$2.00) to anywhere within the area on a “shared similar direction basis”.

    Mightnt be a bad subject to put in your forum to provoke a discussion and gauge support.

    Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for the tip on Disco Bay – will check it out. Particularly like the idea of the van – exactly the kind of thing we would be keen to promote. – Ed

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