Sweet Silence at Castor Bay

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North Shore Police say a combination of early intervention and strong community support prevented any outbreak of public disorder at Castor Bay on Saturday night.

Acting Police Commander Inspector Steve Kehoe says several hundred youths were in the area in expectation of a beach party, but police engaged with them early and they left the area peacefully.

“Police are satisfied with the outcome. There were no arrests. It’s believed that advance knowledge of the police presence, end of year exams, and the onset of rain, helped dampen the previously anticipated attendance.”

“Operational police activity included early intervention and enforcement of road policing issues. From the outset these acted as a deterrent for any large scale youth attendance in Castor Bay and surrounding Bays,” Inspector Kehoe said.

“Police visibility was at an increased level. The sight of police and partner agency patrol units contributed to a lack of desire to remain in the area. Of special significance has been the level of support from the local residents and community leaders.  Police wish to acknowledge this support and we express our gratitude to all who have contacted us.”

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