Stanley Bay School’s Show Worth a “S”quiz

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Mr Grady and Ms Kelsey played themselves as children - quite convincingly

Mr Grady and Ms Kelsey played themselves as children - quite convincingly

Mrs Vinton, head teacher of Stanley Bay School, is worried. The building programme is costing more than the school can afford and they need $1,000,000 by the end of the month or the classrooms will be left without roofs (or walls). How will the school raise the money in time? Then, Mrs Vinton has a clever idea……

Stanley Bay School’s production ‘Million Dollar Mayhem’, on this week, is based on the idea of school teachers and students entering television quiz shows to raise money to complete the building project. The questions in the shows are about New Zealand history and culture , and the contestants answer them by flashbacks to their own pasts to occasions where they have learned the answers. Three different game shows are featured; ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, ‘Family Fortunes’ and a great nostalgia trip for those of us who were young in Britain in the ‘80’s, ‘Blockbusters’. The script, written by the SBS teachers, has some excellent jokes and sly references to sport, politics and trans-Tasman relationships.

The amazing costumes and sets are the impressive result of a huge amount of time and energy expended by a big team of school parents.

At the heart of this production though, are the kids. Some great efforts, especially by the game show hosts, make this show a lot of fun. The choir also deserve a mention for their able renditions of some real Kiwi classics. Well done SBS, and good luck with the rest of the run.


  1. ethqan fejos says:

    it was a good show i was in it thanks to the techers and the props pepole and the choir and the cit crew and all the kids and i hope you like the show

  2. Room 9 at SBS says:

    It’s been a lot of work, but we’re really enjoying putting on the show.
    Thank you for watching, and thanks to everyone who have helped us put on the show.

  3. hummer reta says:

    Oh by the way Iwas in it!

  4. hummer reta says:

    I loved the show it was so cleverly set out

  5. ella claridge says:

    Good review of a great show! I was in the show!

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