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Until we recently took measures to prevent spam comments from coming into our system for approval, The Speculator received a hundred or so a month.

Of late, they had actually become quite entertaining, not so much for what they said but how they said it.

The Speculator would love to think these were the result of someone’s first faltering steps at mastering the English language; however, they are more likely to be the product of an automated script.

So if any of your friends believe robots / computers / AI are going to take over the world, show them this attempt by Robocop and his mates to sell  – apparently – driving lessons.

“Being competent to find coolness, speed, and time is the key to course of action in the course an intersection safely.

A reputable florida traffic school can help you understand this.

Drivers be obliged be able to adjudge how much in good time always it will take them to proceed sometimes non-standard due to the intersection at their contemporaneous step on the gas of travel.

Do they fool the span at that precipitateness to safely voyages the required reserve in the forefront a cross-traffic circumstances occurs?

You must be prepared to stop within the model 100 feet previously to to an intersection.

If you happen to pass these marks, do not helpless your channel up, as pedestrians may be walking behind your vehicle.

Passing lanes are in behalf of passing. There is no cryptic or dupe to driving, the driver moral needs to be paying attention.

Motor agency operators should usage a passing lane when the attempted maneuver is perceived as safe and judicious and can be completed without the have recourse to of cloying speed.

…and so on for literally another few hundred words.

I think I’d prefer a can of spam actually.

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  1. Buffy says:

    I often find I the have recourse to of cloying speed. I think this may be because I helpless my channel up without fooling the span at that precipitates to safely voyages BEFORE engaging my driver moral. Can the Speculator help?

    Unfortunately Buffy, I believe you may be beyond help… – Ed

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