Snowplough’s Death Shocks Community

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The wonderful story of Snowplough “Snozza” The Cat has ended, when he was run over outside Harcourts in Clarence St. The car, which failed to stop, broke Snozza’s leg and inflicted serious internal injuries. Snozz was rushed to the vets in Ewen Allison Rd but couldn’t be saved.

The Devonport Speculator - Devonport News and Information

Snozza (in disguise) gets a pat on the head for assisting a recent AOS call-out, which involved a machine-gun toting mouse. Snozza ate the suspect.

Pete Restall, an agent with Harcourts  – a frequent haunt of Snozza’s – said he spoke for his colleagues when he said “It is with much sadness that Nic (Snowplough’s pet human), Harcourts and a significant portion of the Devonport Community, will mourn the loss of ‘our’ wonderfully intelligent and free spirited cat Snowplough. He was most likely crossing the road as he regularly did to play in the sun on the olive trees outside Glengarry. I offer these few words on behalf of all my colleagues and other locals who had the pleasure of knowing this very independent and special cat. A special thanks to Andrea from the Devonport Veterinary Clinic who so kindly delivered flowers to Harcourts Office on Saturday.”

Linda Blincko of the Depot, another of Snozza’s haunts, was devastated. ” What can I say – we’ll miss him sorely. I can’t imagine the neighbourhood without him.”

Lawrie Dipple, guitarist with local band The Love Dogs  said the group, which rehearsed frequently at the Depot studio, would miss their furry companion. “Despite our name, he would stroll into the studio, curl up and go to sleep in one of the guitar cases. This was despite the considerable noise volume. Most animals would have run a mile from that level of noise – but Snowplough seemed to enjoy it.”

Originally the pet of Nicola Russell, the founder of Kenzie’s Gift who moved into Clarence St, young Snozza soon realised central Devonport offered a tapestry of life far too full of mellifluous aromas, warm snooze spots and free food to be limited by the supplications of a single owner.

Abandoning this small territory for greener pastures, Snowplough could be found regularly cogitating upon the artistic riches of The Depot, perusing the classic villas available for purchase at Harcourts, or hanging precariously from the branches of the olive tree outside Glengarry.

The Speculator was about to launch “Snowplog” – a blog of Snozza’s life and times. We were looking forward to receiving accounts of Snozza’s japes from the local community. In the opening entry, we had even requested that readers drive carefully down Clarence St, as Snozz was a frequent jaywalker.

We commiserate with Nicola Russell, who we should thank for introducing this extraordinary creature to the Devonport community.

Pete Restall of Harcourts, with the flowers from Devonport Vets

A shocked Pete Restall, agent with Harcourts, and the flowers from Devonport Vets, sent shortly after Snowplough passed away

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