Skating On Thin Ice

Posted by on Oct 05, 2010 | 2 Comments

It had seemed a good idea at the time, but Timmy came to regret his decision to visit his friend in Mission Bay.

It had seemed a good idea at the time, but Timmy came to regret his decision to visit his friend in Mission Bay.

The Speculator is a fan of skateboarding, and admits to a certain amount of admiration laced with a lot of concern for the playful young scamps who barrel down Victoria Rd in the evenings at close to 50km/h on their tiny wheels and with no protection or brakes.

However, since the fine weather and the school holidays started, the skateboarders are out in force.  And it would seem that with larger numbers comes more confidence and therefore more risk taking.

The Speculator has witnessed a number of close calls in Devonport central, with kids on boards in large groups tending to follow the leader, rather than checking themselves if it is safe to pass, cross or veer.

From the incidents witnessed thus far, the drivers involved have demonstrated admirable restraint, both foreseeing the situation before it occurred, and not letting fly with a volley of abuse afterwards, having had to take evasive action.

Any kid not in front of a Playstation or X-box and out and about getting exercise is a good thing as far as The Speculator is concerned; but if your kids have a skateboard, it might be worth reminding them that cars are hard and kids are soft.

Also – take special care in the New World car park, as a lot of the young skate dudes hang about in there. Look out for our kids and have a polite word to them if their behaviour is dangerous.

The Speculator has a suspicion that this Xmas will see some nasty incidents in Devo-central, as stressed drivers, simmering in the heat in the queue in Clarence St, will take exception to this new influx of skateboarders.


  1. john smith says:

    you guys need to man up. its not a big deal. if you have a problem close the roads for us or something

  2. Regarding our skateboarders, I am envious of the skills of these kids often display but I was alarmed early one morning last week. At approx 5.45am I was pulling out of Ngataringa Road to drive into the Devo gym when I found myself joined by about half a dozen young lads on skateboards heading down the middle of Lake Road towards the golf course. Needless to say, they didn’t have headlights! Luckily it was a morning when my windows weren’t covered in condensation when I rely on headlights of the cars and bikes more. Just because they can see me it doesn’t mean that I can see them. Very dangerous but it did look like fun!

    Completely agree Fraser. I wonder whether we should consider the addition of some extended skateboarding track (with a suitably steep incline!) to the rink in Ngataringa Park, which is shortly to be moved to another location (in the same park). – Ed

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