Rare Kaka Drops Into School For A Chat

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A Kaka has been charming the kids at Devonport Primary since first appearing in the trees early August.

It has become a frequent visitor to the oak trees and flame trees at Devonport Primary School and has also been seen in Mt Cambria.

Caretaker Dave Burrows, who sent The Speculator some photos of the feathered phenomenon, reckons it could be the same one that featured in the Herald, which had been photographed in Albert Park.

The New Zealand Kaka, also known as Kākā (Nestor meridionalis) is a New Zealand parrot endemic to the native forests of New Zealand.

The New Zealand Kaka is a medium sized parrot, around 45 cm (18 in) in length and weighing about 550 g, and is closely related to the Kea, but has darker plumage and is more arboreal.

The forehead and crown are greyish-white and the nape is greyish-brown. The neck and abdomen are more reddish, while the wings are more brownish. Both sub-species have a strongly patterned brown/green/grey plumage with orange and scarlet flashes under the wings; color variants which show red to yellow coloration especially on the breast are sometimes found.

The New Zealand Kaka is considered vulnerable (CITES II). It has greatly declined, in part from habitat loss, in part because of introduced wasps, possums and bees, which compete with the New Zealand Kaka for honeydew.

Its calls include a harsh ka-aa and a whistling u-wiia.

If you see the lad around Devonport, snap us a photo and send it in.

Thanks to Wikipedia for further information.

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