North Head Targeted By Drunks

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As might have been expected from the evidence on North Head on Sunday morning (see Speculator article (Lounging, Louts and Lots of People), on the evening of Saturday the 23rd of November, Police received a number of calls from concerned Devonport residents about disorder in the North Head area. Estimates varied from 20 – 100 people in varying states of intoxication, and up to 30 cars.

According to one caller, the gathering may have stemmed from a Facebook arranged event named The Banana Bay Beach Party.

Police were kept busy during the evening dealing with events rising from that. The Police response included the Team Policing Unit and the Police Helicopter.

A local resident said she had seen at least one police car and and a police van heading towards the area, and that a group of between 8-12 youths had gathered on the corner of Cheltenham Rd and Jubilee Ave. While one of them approached her car gesticulating “like a rapper” (arms spread, finger and thumb prominent), their behaviour was not particularly threatening, and she was able to pass without incident.

Mark Fergus, Senior Sergeant and Community Policing Manager at the North Shore Policing Centre commented “We were pleased with the quality and timeliness of the information received from the public, which allowed us to best allocate resources to deal with the matter”.

The large daytime crowds presented no issues.

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