More Lake Rd Drama

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Police were called to detain a middle-aged woman who was gesticulating and shouting at traffic from the Albert Rd / Lake Rd roundabout this afternoon.

The woman, who had been diagnosed with mental health issues a couple of years ago, had gone missing from her normal place of residence, much to the consternation of relatives, who finally managed to locate her when she appeared near the roundabout.

They called the police who were soon at the scene and successfully coaxed the woman off the traffic island and into a police car.

One of the relatives spoken to by The Speculator said the situation was “very sad.” She is a well-educated woman with a degree in the Arts, but her mental health began to deteriorate a couple of years ago.”

Well done to the numerous drivers who were assailed or abused, but did not respond by abusing or threatening the woman.

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  1. GB says:

    Devonport is a hub of drama, everything happens here ed! 🙂
    But am glad she is safe and no-one was ‘physically hurt’.

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