More Dog Poisonings in Devonport

Posted by on Nov 26, 2010 | 2 Comments

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The Speculator has learnt that three dogs  – all Labradors – have been poisoned after their owners took them walking at Ngataringa Park.  Two have recovered, but one is evidently very ill and has had a two day stay at the vet.

The park’s history as a landfill had initially raised suspicion  that a leachate outbreak could be the cause.  In order for that to be the cause however, there would have had to have been severely contaminated groundwater lying on the surface, which The Speculator understands was not the case at the time of the poisonings.

The council have cordoned off a small area of grass beside the path leading to the skatepark and are conducting tests on the soil.

Dog owners should avoid the area contact the council for more information.


  1. Catwoman says:

    SSSSSooow Dogs. Finally yeeow are lurrrning that we felines ooown Devo. Let ussss be purrfectly clearrr neaoow, thissss is ourrr village. Furr teoow long yeow noisy, smelly Canines have fooled yurrsselves it isss yurrr ssspace. Neow… it is ourrrrssss….

  2. Lightyear says:

    There is something nasty in that particular woodshed! I was there with my dog the other week, and although he wasn’t sick, he was very unwell at the ‘end’..I also discovered I had developed a skin rash on my arm after playing in the grass with him..the rash is still there…It’s definetely ‘No taranga Park’ now!

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