Major Upgrade Planned at Ngataringa Park

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Following in the footsteps of Fort Takapuna’s proposed face lift, Ngataringa Park’s redesign is the latest beautification project to pass before the Devonport Community Board.

The Devonport Speculator - Devonport News and InformationThe primary feature of the park as it currently stands – the  skate bowl –  is, according to a council report,  sinking and causing leachate to surface within the skate area and along the connecting path. The report also states that the location of the skate bowl, in terms of passive surveillance, is not perfect and causes many of the neighbouring residence issues around behaviour and noise. Clean up costs including graffiti and glass removal are also being incurred.

However, the skate bowl is considered one of the better facilities for skate boarders on the shore and is well used. The report therefore proposes to relocate and rebuild the skate facility (at the cost of some $1m) in a location that will afford the skate area not only the associated facilities one would expect to see; for example, toilets, shade, and a drinking fountain, but also in a location that can be seen from the Lake Rd carriageway and adjoining facilities. This area of the reserve is an older section of the landfill and not likely to sink much further.

So what changes are being proposed to this area of considerable beauty and potential?

The current parking area is far from ideal, and provides little easy access to the park. The plan proposes this parking area be formalised to provide more car parks and amenity to this area, which will provide both access to the playground, skate area, Framework Trust and an alternative pedestrian access point to Dacre Park and the Soccer Club.

The Devonport Speculator - Devonport News and Information

Much of the development focuses around the access point, in the lower right of this picture

The plan also  proposes to further develop the coastal walkway, and to  increase passive surveillance through to the walkway. Small viewing decks are proposed to provide access down to the waters edge or into the mangrove environment. These could also increase access to the reserve through a boardwalk connecting to  Ngataringa Bay. idea that has been suggested as a possible addition to the plan is to establish this area as a permanent sculpture park. Artists could be commissioned to develop pieces specifically for the area. The park could also host sculpture exhibitions, similar to those held at Fort Takapuna. The site’s remoteness and isolation seems well-suited to a purpose of this nature, which would also be relatively inexpensive, and to some extent self-funding.

The full document is available at the link above.

The plan proposes a playground to bebuilt next to the re-located skate bowl.

The plan proposes a playground to be built next to the re-located skate bowl.


  1. JL says:

    Should we let a few vandals deny the rest of us an opportunity to enjoy sculpture at Ngataringa park?….I don’t believe so.
    Maybe we should pressure the authorities to actually deal with the idiots who hang out there every night, causing the damage. The police are certainly in the vicinity often enough, giving tickets to Lake Rd motorists. Maybe they could pop across the road & take a little time off from revenue gathering to check it out!

  2. Wellygoggles says:

    Don’t you think that “the site’s remoteness and isolation seems well-suited to a purpose of this nature..” – makes it all the easier for vandals to defile the sculptures as they did with the dragon seat? I hope that daft idea doesn’t eventuate.

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