UPDATED: New Judder Bumps Revealed!

Posted by on Sep 22, 2010 | 3 Comments

Shocked cones watch as a young larrikin runs over a sleeping policeman

Shocked cones watch as a young larrikin runs over a sleeping policeman

The judder bumps have now been painted and are clearly visible.

Drivers beware! The council has installed two sets of judder bumps (sleeping policemen to our English residents) in Queen’s Parade, between Huia St and Anne St.

These have not yet been painted with the  standard white triangles, so are largely invisible until it’s too late.

The Speculator was driving behind a low-slung car that had exited at high speed from the Navy, and watched with consternation as it flew over the the first set of bumps, leaving behind what looked like several mission-critical pieces of the car’s undercarriage.

Utilising its news-sensitive snout, The Speculator stopped to take a photo, which was spectacularly interrupted by a young louth on a skateboard using the bumps as a jump!

I fear, residents of Queen’s Parade, that one problem may have been replaced with another!


  1. J says:

    Residents of Queen’s Parade have put up with their street being used as a race-track for so long that skate-boarders will seem tame by comparison!

  2. GB says:

    All we need now is huge bumps near the top of Victoria Rd to stop all the speedsters going to the ferry and possibly the skaters??. 😛 🙂

  3. Ena Sharples says:

    Ei chook. What’s a young louth?

    A louth is a youth who is a bit naughty, but not naughty enough to be considered a lout. This term was shamelessly lifted from Not The Nine O’Clock News – Ed

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