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The Devonport Community Board (DCB) met on the 11th of May to hear submissions from local groups competing for the last pre-ASS council cash.

The DCB’s job was to select its preferred candidates from a list of compliant bids. This list would then be submitted to the Council, who would make the final decision on the distribution of  a total of $1.2m available funds. Bid size varied greatly, with some in the low tens of thousands and others in the high hundreds of thousands.

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Of around 15 submitting groups, ten turned up to present their submissions to the DCB. These were as follows;

1: The Depot Artspace are planning to upgrade the front and back of their man exhibition space, in order to provide better facilities for local artists to sell their work and to enhance the radio and recording studio spaces.

2: Abilities Group, an organisation that has been providing  work for disabled people for 50 years are planning to increase the size of their current facility. They have a project under way in which they want to assist in the recycling of TV screens and PC monitors (CRTs) by separating the glass from the rest of the unit.

3: Wakatere Sailing Club have plans to upgrade the clubhouse at Narrow Neck, primarily to provide decent changing rooms for the hundreds of kids who do Waterwise at the facility.

4: North Shore Music Theatre; based in Birkenhead since 1962, the Theatre has plans to expand their storage, rehearsal and costume facilities. The latter has become a bit of an issue of late, as the group has had to make do with a ex-chicken coop to store some of their finest costumes!

5: Belmont Racquets Club, celebrating its 75th year this year, has plans to upgrade its clubrooms and bathrooms, and to remove asbestos from some of the exterior cladding.

6: Devonport Yacht Club, around since 1880 its clubroom is actually the original ticket office for the Devonport ferry. They have plans to refurbish the clubhouse to make it a better space for community groups to use; particularly to allow more than one group to use the space at a time.

7: Takapuna Amateur Athletics and Harriers Club has been operating since 1945, and its grounds at Akoranga Drive have been recently refurbished and the turf relaid. However this has required the club to invest in building new long jump pits.

8: North Harbour Hockey have a ground that is over 10 years overdue for a re-laying. Originally laid in 1989, it should have been repaired in 1999.

9: North Harbour Softball Association are hosting the World Men’s Softball Champs in 2013 (one for the calendar). They are planning a “modest” stadium development to cater for this and for growing demand.

10: The Sir Peter Blake Marine Education Centre wants to install a new audio-visual system in its hall, to help in the delivery of its outdoor education programmes for children.

Other organisations that applied but did not present were Badminton North Harbour, Shore Exhibition Trust and the North Shore Events Centre.

The DCB opted to support those groups that were locally based; those getting first priority were therefore The Depot, Wakatere Sailing Club, Devonport Yacht Club.

Other groups whose case would also be supported by the DCB were those that represented a city-wide service on the Shore. These were Abilities, North Shore Music Theatre, Takapuna Amateur Athletics and Harriers Club, North Harbour Hockey and the Sir Peter Blake Marine Education Centre.

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