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Devonport Crime


The Speculator is keen to assist in the tracking down of scallywags, malcontents and ne’er do wells that inflict their unwanted antics on the honest citizens of Devonport.

We would like you dear reader, to keep us informed of any vandalism, thuggery or generally anti social behaviour you witness or hear about. This should not of course substitute for your reporting of such incidents to the local constabulary; however, we believe a community-owned information source of local crime will help us – the community – tackle it.

For example, a few years ago, a car laden with louths flew down Calliope Rd, flinging eggs at houses, cars and passers by. My house was unfortunate enough to cop a couple of eggs, which have resisted all my attempts to remove them.

Talking casually with another commuter on the ferry one day, it became apparent I was not the only victim. By sharing information of this nature, we may be able to assist in collaring the playful young scamps, and furnishing them with a criminal record.

Similarly, the registration plates of any cars making nuisances of themselves should be sent to us.

So just to get the ball rolling;

  • Orange “hotted up” Mazda RX2-RX3 with rego along the lines of ROLYJ.  Calls to *555 reveal there is no car registered with that plate. However, we do know that a car with a similar rego, make and model has been stolen. This young twit speeds, 360s, revs and  squeals around Devo on a semi-frequent basis.  If you see a car of this description, confirm the rego and a description of the driver back to us ASAP, and we’ll pass it on to the Police.

Any information on any incidents can be sent to

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