Important Broadband Reminder: Before You Renovate Your Home or Garden

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BB2If you’re planning on doing any serious renovation to your garden or home, it’s worth bearing in mind the government’s plan to roll out Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) in the next few years.

Why? The most expensive part of getting access to the service is likely to be making the connection between the fibre that is laid in your street, and the devices such as PCs in your home. The cost of getting this trench dug to the right specifications, not to mention the equipment you will need in the house, will run to literally thousands of dollars.

So; if you are going to be digging up your garden or re-wiring your home, you can save yourself a lot of money by planning ahead for UFB, by burying a conduit in your garden, or re-wiring your home to ensure it will benefit from this game-breaking technology. All the tech-heads are already doing it.

However, don’t do it without checking out the information at the links below, as certain specifications are required.,31033/UrbanServiceLead.pdf

As usual, a country in Scandinavia  is opting for a novel solution. Thousands of Norwegians will take to the garden with a shovel, digging a trench between their house and a metal box at the end of their street to achieve a similar result.

Altibox, owned by the electricity provider Lyse, has found an ingenious solution to the prohibitive costs of installing fibre broadband to suburban and regional areas. It offers customers a $450 discount on installation costs if they dig a trench between their premises and the fibre node at the end of the street. So far about 136,000 households, or about 80 per cent of their customer base, have got their hands dirty.

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