HOV Lanes Among Solutions Proposed to Ease Devonport Congestion

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HOV solutions are popular overseas

Changes are afoot for those who suffer the misfortune of commuting to work via Esmonde Rd.

Council investigations into providing priority lanes for high occupancy vehicles (HOV) on Esmonde Rd have been completed.

An extract from the council report below;

“HOV lanes aim to transport more people in fewer cars along a route without increasing the width of road or parking area capacity. The only option available is to provide an incentive to car pool in the northerly direction by offering a faster travel time along Esmonde Road, which is notoriously slow during the morning peak period. An average 20 minutes travel time on Esmonde Road could be reduced to 2 minutes with a T2 lane.

The report states traffic modelling has been completed and has examined numerous scenarios to implement an HOV lane on Esmonde Road. The results have not yet been submitted to the relevant council committee.

Implementation could be staged as follows:

1. Convert the existing bus lane from Burns Ave along Esmonde Road to the motorway to a T2 HOV lane. This is expected to be relatively inexpensive and reasonably simple to implement.

2. Extend the T2 onto the Busway with a merge into the motorway general traffic lanes near the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

3 Extend the existing bus lane as a transit lane back towards Lake Road. This would be more expensive and complicated, and may only be possible if significant increases in T2 traffic have already been achieved.”

Readers’ thoughts welcome.

Devonport Wharf HOV Parking

An extract from the Council report;

“Devonport Wharf  HOV priority parking To reduce traffic travelling north along Lake Road more travellers should be encouraged to travel south to the City using the ferry more often. Parking space is at a premium at Devonport so a study into providing preferential parking for HoVs has started. Findings and proposals will be reported in due course.”

Other solutions currently being considered by the Council are as follows;

  1. Park and sail – free T3 parking at ferry terminals;
  2. Pocket park and ride facilities at key locations (to be identified) on or in the vicinity of Lake Rd;
  3. Free before 7.30am Lake Rd bus travel;
  4. Hopper Shopper Lake Rd bus service (high frequency, inter-peak service between Takapuna, NS hospital);
  5. Extending Lake Rd bus and cycle lane;
  6. Implementing carpooling initiative;
  7. Advancing green cycle route;
  8. Producing walking and cycling route accessibility maps;
  9. Incentivising sustainable travel behaviour for key events held on the Peninsula e.g. Devonport Wine & Food Festival;
  10. Promoting sustainable travel for weekend sport;
  11. Innovative communications and marketing campaign for Lake Rd upgrade.

The Speculator will keep you informed of developments.

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  1. John says:

    Amazing how long it takes local politicians to accept the bleedin’ obvious. For month after month city bound motorists have queued down Lake Road next to virtually empty cycle lanes and then turned into Esmonde Road to queue alongside virtually empty bus lanes. Finally those of us who car pool are being provided with a long overdue concession of being permitted to drive in the bus lanes, thereby shortening our city trip and, by reducing the numbers in the queue, the city trip of others. Next target – the on road cycle lanes!

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