Hockey Star Claims Sport For Kids Is “About Fun”

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The Doplhins' most feared opponent, The Monkeys' star player Bozo

The Dolphins' most feared opponent, The Monkeys' star player Bozo

Hockey was made for fun, and guess what? It is a lot of fun, fun, fun!!!!! You can learn how to pass, dribble, Indian dribble, sweep and a lot of other things. OH! I forgot to mention my name, it’s Sasha Lily Banbrook and I am 7 years old and three quarters (almost 8).

My Hockey team is called the Stanley Bay Dolphins and we’ve won most of our games but lost 3 times and tied 2 times. Anyway hockey (or anything mostly) isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about trying hard but the exact main thing is to HAVE FUN!!!!!

You need a lot of gear – a hockey stick, shin pads (with ankle pads on them – shin pads go on at the bottom of your legs), a mouth-guard just in case someone chips the ball (flicks the ball up); it helps protect your bottom row of teeth, your school uniform (best not to wear a jacket while your playing you might get very hot) you need sneakers & hair up is easier to play in than hair down.

I play Hockey at the North Harbour Crown Stadium near Albany. In a hockey game you get two halves (about 15 minutes each). At half time you get to have a little drink of water and a big break rest. After the match you can go into the hockey club rooms – which has a TV and tea, coffee, chocolate bars, hot chips (drizzled with sauce), lollies, hot chocolate & lots more!

Your coaches are really important too because you need them to teach you and give you tips at half time. My hockey coach is one of my team-mate’s Mum called Sally and her daughter is called Lucy. The funny thing is she lives on my street! Coaches are amazing to have at hockey. That’s why they come and you have them,  so they can help you at hockey. Plus they spend their time coming to hockey when they could be at home doing something else. So it’s a pleasure having a coach and that means we should obey and  respect our coaches. Coaches are very, very, very important.

Well that’s all I can say so bye-bye for now.
Sash “Slash” Banbrook Copyright 2010

The Speculator would be delighted to publish any other reports on the fortunes of  Devonport’s sports teams this season.

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