Henry The Bozo Monkey “Not a Real Simian”

Posted by on Oct 08, 2010 | 3 Comments

Devonport's Poppa Pretzell, with her simian sidekick

Devonport's Poppa Pretzell, with her simian sidekick

Devonport celebrity and soon to be mother of two Poppa Pretzel, who recently starred in the morning TV series “Appauling Henry” has claimed her famous simian co-star is “not a real monkey.” The film’s producers – SleeZee NZ – have been thrown onto the back foot by the claims.

The series, which features a pet monkey called Henry the Bozo that has the extraordinary ability to say what people are really thinking while sticking its head up its bottom, has been dogged by controversy. However, Pretzel’s claims that the miscreant monkey is allegedly exhibiting human-like behaviour are the most serious yet.

For most of the series, Henry the Bozo simply bobs up and down hooting and laughing like any monkey, and this Pretzel claims “is what we paid him to do.”

However, in a couple of scenes depicting the end of Bozo’s career as a salacious simian, he appears to express almost human emotions. Pretzel: “In one scene, I could swear his eyes fill with tears. It looked as if he was on the verge of expressing remorse for some of the hurt his character has caused during the series. But then he started giggling and hooting again, and I thought I must have been imagining it.”

Those who have seen the series agree something is not quite right with the ape actor, with some claiming it is actually a person in disguise.

Beth Slap, a big fan of “Appauling Henry”, claims Bozo is actually Henry Paul; the chauffeur responsible for Lady Diana’s  death in a Paris road tunnel, who after faking his own death and fleeing the scene, decided he would attempt to re-invent himself as someone else even less popular than the man responsible for the death of  “The People’s Princess.”  Slap insists Paul did this by reversing his firstname and surname and then dressing up as a monkey, which she says “to his credit he has done incredibly convincingly.”

SleeZee NZ rejected the claims as “idiotic” and stated “We only pay this gratuitous gibbon in peanuts, so how could you possibly suggest he’s anything but a monkey.”

Bozo as he appears in the series

Bozo as he appears in the series

Bozo, attempting to take on more human characteristics

Bozo, attempting to take on more human characteristics


  1. LF OCahain says:

    Paul Henry has gone! C’mon everyone, let’s all bleat that tired old complaint, the catchcry for the angry, dull and ignorant: ‘It’s PC gone mad!! It’s PC gone mad!! It’s PC gone mad!”

  2. Colin says:

    Cheeky whitey.

  3. Mike says:

    Fantastic! And great photo. I swear, one of them looks like that bloke off the TV.

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