Good News: “Bad Guy” Has Been Nailed

Posted by on Aug 25, 2010 | 2 Comments

hammerThanks to a comment in response to The Speculator’s article on the bothersome behaviour of a car with a rego similar to ROLYJ, the fate of this individual can be confirmed.

He’s a Devonport resident living in Patuone Ave with two convictions for drunk driving and is currently disqualified from driving as a result of being arrested last summer, apparently with the help of some Devonport locals. ROLYJ is not the actual rego, but it’s close.

The Speculator has had personal experience of  the antics of this driver, and is grateful to hear he’s off the road. We’re all safer as a result.

Remember; if you see some dodgy behaviour, but don’t think it’s serious enough to report to the Police, drop us a line with the details. We’ll keep a record of all these incidents, and periodically pass them onto the Police, who may be able to detect patterns relating to more serious crimes.

Remember, graffiti and other minor crimes are often the first sign that more serious crime is on its way.


  1. Ben says:

    About time.

  2. Flemo says:

    Good news indeed !

    However this article has again pricked my curiosity, as has the North Shore Times for many years now. Why is it that once an individual has appeared before the Courts and been sentenced, that they are invariably accorded the right of anonymity ?

    Larger newspapers will frequently carry stories naming these idiots, following appropriate sentencing. It is rare – almost unheard of – for local community newspapers to actually print a name though. I want to know who these morons are that live in our community … but they always seem to gain the privilege of anonymity.

    If name suppression is not imposed by the Courts for lesser offences [drink driving; burglaries; etc], is there a legal reason as to why the offender cannot be named ?

    It’s a good question Flemo, and is deserving of an answer.

    Firstly, it’s not actually that uncommon for community newspapers to name those convicted in the Courts. Many have a courts section which actually lists the names of those found guilty. If there were a Devonport Court, we would attend and report the names of those convicted; however, it’s simply not worth our while reporting on the North Shore Courts, as most cases have nothing to do with Devonport.

    Secondly; the bottom line is; everyone is innocent until proven guilty. When reporting on these incidents, The Speculator is not reporting on events that have been heard in Court; consequently they are no more than allegations. Moreover, our reporting on events and naming names which subsequently result in court proceedings could affect the defendant’s right to a fair trial.

    In the particular case of ROLYJ (not his real rego), while he has been found guilty of other offences, we cannot be sure any subsequent convictions relate to the specific incidents witnessed.

    The Speculator is keen to work with the community and the Police to get the right result – a conviction where it is due. The more the community report incidents to us (that are not worthy of a 111 call), the more we can feed this information to the Police to assist with their intelligence gathering. We will of course relate what we can back to the community and let everyone know when there is a result. If there is a conviction, we will likely publish the names of those found guilty.

    We get as frustrated as anyone when we see the behaviour of some individuals in our community; but in a civilised society those of us who can, must play by the rules – which of course include the option of a civilian arrest. Ed

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