Fuel Contamination Sends Otago Back To Base

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Otago Returning to Base Under Heavy Skies

Otago Returning to Base Under Heavy Skies

One of the New Zealand Navy’s new $110 million ships has been forced to cancel its first international deployment.

HMNZS Otago had to turn back just 12 hours into its three-week mission to the Pacific Islands because of fuel contamination.

The patrol vessel left for Samoa on October 29 but returned to Auckland the next day.

Its mission to Samoa, Tonga, Tokelau, the Cook Islands and Niue has been cancelled.

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp said it was suspected the ship had received a batch of fuel contaminated with salt water.

“The ship has taken fuel on board at various New Zealand ports and it is the only ship with the problem,” he said.

Navy staff had checked the hull and the exterior of the fuel tank and taken all the fuel out but could not find where the water could have leaked in, Mapp said.

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