Eleven Year-Old Skateboarders Out At 4:30AM

Posted by on Sep 06, 2010 | 4 Comments

Yes, it ended badly.

Yes, it ended badly.

A minor incident in Vauxhall Rd over the weekend has suggested a slightly worrying pattern occurring in Devonport’s weekends’ early mornings.

While no crime has been committed, a number of residents (including The Speculator) have witnessed children as young as 10 or 11 out skateboarding around Devonport central in the very early hours of the morning.

The Speculator was driving up Clarence St at around 01:00am two Sundays ago, and was surprised to see several very young chaps  – 10-11 years old – fly down the middle of the road on skateboards.

While they were clearly enjoying themselves, a miscalculation by their quaint little brains could have resulted in them deflecting off the Speculator’s bumper into the night sky, whereupon gravity would have delivered them back unto the bosom of the Earth, with a plethora of splintered bones and ruptured internal organs.

This weekend, a minor disturbance was caused by some young dudes of a similar description on Vauxhall Rd at the bewildering hour of 04:30am  Sunday morning.

When they were scolded by some understandably obstreperous residents, they took it upon themselves to yell and scream from a safe distance for another hour or so. In their delightful naivety, this also involved them yelling at each other, in the process revealing their names.

Working on the assumption that there are not teams of 11 year-olds out at that time of the night, could we suggest the parents in question perhaps consider a curfew for the young scamps, more for their own protection than anyone else’s? You know, nothing draconian – maybe midnight, for starters?


  1. PR says:

    Have you seen the aforesaid young fellas hanging onto to the back of the horse and cart, near the ferry building mostly on the weekends or all the time on school holidays? Also, the groups of skateboarding kids whizzing down Victoria Road without helmets? Fair go parents- it’s time to get these youngsters under control- if they injure themselves on the road – you’ll be the first to blame the POOR motorists who didn’t see the kids coming.

  2. GB says:

    Big problem in Devo at the moment, and I have bought this up at past Devo community board meetings, to investigate and try get a NO SKATEBOARDING ON ROAD sign on Victoria rd, leading into the village..What, does it take a teenager on a board to get killed by a car/truck FIRST, before any practical action is taken??
    ..and the other thing, they seem to form a ‘little group’ in the evenings near the entrance to New World there, some people find it bit itimidating, including myself, when walking in there at night.

  3. JL says:

    And before they headed down your street, possibly to wend their way home, they were hanging out at Woodall or Ngataringa parks….yelling, screaming, drinking & keeping the rest of us awake.
    There’s a real issue in Devonport with petty crime & vandalism, yet the only police presence we see is the issuing of speeding tickets on Lake rd……Maybe we need a ‘broken windows’ incentive?…It worked for New York.

  4. bella says:

    Totally agree.I love to see the kids enjoying themselves, but I have seen them on the roads in the wee small hours, in exactly the places
    at the exactly the times when they are the last thing drivers may be anticipating. I wonder if these kids are sneaking out at night…I cant imagine many parents condoning this degree of risk taking.

    The New World carpark is fair game as well. It is going to end in tears.

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