Don’t Yawn: The Auckland Super City Is About To Dawn

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And it will have a significant impact on how Devonport is governed.

On 1 November, Auckland’s eight councils become one. This will follow the election, to be held on 9 October 2010.

Devonport shares 6 local board seats with Takapuna. Depending upon whether YOU vote or not, Devonport could have none or 6 seats on the local board.

The new Auckland Council will be made up of two parts:

The governing body

The governing body will consist of the mayor and 20 councillors. The mayor will be elected by residents from across the Auckland region, and the councillors will be elected from 13 wards. The role of the governing body is to “focus on the big picture” and make region-wide strategic decisions.

21 local boards

The local boards will have a total of 149 members and will be elected from local board areas. They will represent their communities and make decisions on locals issues, activities and facilities. They will provide community representation and are key to encouraging Devonportians and other Aucklanders to become active in local and region-wide issues.

The Speculator will be covering these elections closely, and will be providing a forum for discussion. So make sure you’ve got your facts straight; check out the Auckland council website at, and ensure the questions you ask the candidates are prescient and penetrating!

Auckland Council

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