Devonstock To Rock This Weekend

Posted by on Dec 08, 2010 | 3 Comments

Surrounded by 360-degree scenic views, shining sun, sausage sizzles and the newest Shore sound, what more could you want to kick start of summer?

This year’s Devonstock concert will be held on Sunday, 12th of December 2-6:30pm on the summit of the iconic Mt. Victoria. The action-packed lineup includes The Earlybirds, Ruby Frost, Gala Morris, The Psychs, Petra, and Ella & Louis: all blossoming local talent.

Since the first guitar strummed in 2007, Devonstock has steadily grown in numbers and prestige. It’s hosted The Naked and Famous. The Checks. The White Birds and Lemons. And who knows which upcoming artists you’ll see there next?

A youth playing some kind of modern lute. Photo: Alistair Guthry

A youth playing some kind of modern lute at Devonstock last year. Photo: Alistair Guthry

The concert was the brainchild of former Takapuna Grammar student Sam Harper. It was dubbed ‘Devonstock’, a nod to the infamous 1969 Woodstock concert. Though it might not be a three-day event like Woodstock or have a notorious worldwide reputation (yet!), Devonstock is becoming the highly anticipated event of the year for Devonport-ians alike, hosting over 1500 people in 2009 and 2010.

This year, the reigns have been handed over to Youthink Devo, a local youth community forum consisting of 16 local teens.  They hold meetings monthly amidst eating pizzas and swapping community ideas, and are led by local community coordinator, Maire Vieth.  Keen to join the forum? Just stop by the Depot Artspace on the first Monday of the month, or contact Maire via email ( to find out more.

Devonstock is a non-alcohol event for young people and families alike, with free entry. No parking on the mountain, but feel free to ride bikes or take a stroll up the summit of Mt. Victoria.


  1. GB says:

    WoW! what a wicked as afternoon there, lots of people, community feel, fun..and the Earlybirds didn’t disappoint, I loved them!
    Good one Youthink Devo Forum for organizing, wicked! 🙂

  2. GB says:

    The event is for older too!..Families end up going as well.
    ..see ya there tomm arvo! 🙂

  3. deborah says:

    It’s really great to see an event like this for the young people of Devonport – have a great day!

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