Devonport’s Xmas Parade Best In The World – Official

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The Speculator today temporarily appointed itself the arbiter of Global Xmas Parade standards, and unanimously voted the Devonport Xmas Parade both The Best Xmas Parade In 2010, and possibly The Best Xmas Parade In Quite Awhile Just About Anywhere.

While the turnout for the parade fairly much included the entire population of Devonport, pretty much every organisation in Devonport with membership greater than 1 turned out to parade  – and in considerable style. Cliff Heywood and the Devonport Lions Club deserve a big thanks for organising the excellent parade and the Volunteer Fire Brigade for providing so many fire engines (seven!) to participate in the drive by.

If that wasn’t enough, the community was then treated to a day of fun in Windsor Reserve with the indomitable Maire Vieth  – unsung  hero and community co-ordinator and her team – choreographing an event celebrating some of our community’s extra-curricular activities: the Christmas Dance in the Park 2010. Lofty Ned also deserves a mention for making most of the Dance in the Park event happen; he kept a low profile, but essentially organised the whole thing and also personally funded quite a chunk of the costs – nice one Lofty.

Sarah Bird and Sarah Mcleod at The Devonport Craft also ensured a good turnout of craft stalls which nicely added to the event, and of course the all-important sausage sizzles were provided by the Scouts and Sea Scouts clubs.

It was a marvellous day of big band music, kids leaping about on stage to music, uber fit fitness dudes leaping about on stage to music and kids leaping about on stage while clutching instruments and making music.

It’s at events like these one realises the enormous effort some individuals make to ensure these events are successful. We’ve already mentioned Maire Vieth. Eriko Finlay, Director of Le Ecole De Danse, which provided about 50% of the entertainment deserves pretty much every medal known to humanity. Not only did she have five different dance groups performing, her school had held its annual event at Westlake Girls the night before.

The audience was also treated to the skills of the Navy Band, the Belmont Primary and Devonport Primary Kapa Haka Groups and some Highland dancing, not to mention the entertaining antics of some of the crowd – most notably Fischer Jervis – who, with his loose hips and complete lack of inhibition during the Just Workout Zoomba competition, won himself a brand new bike from Hedgehog Bikes.

The Speculator spent some time near the front of the crowd taking photos, and just loved the way the kids who were performing on the stage were so well supported by their peers who had either just performed, or were about to. Their love of a decent beat and couple of slick moves was infectious. So infectious in fact that the Speculassy – 8 years old and prone to Event Fatigue after 30 minutes – refused to leave and could only be tempted away from Windsor Reserve by The Speculator’s cynical offer of an ice cream.

The Speculator was still bubbling with good vibes after the Stanley Bay community event last weekend. This weekend’s Xmas Parade and Dance in the Park should keep the levels of effervescence up for another couple of weeks at least.

Enjoy our gallery of 70-odd photos; feel free to send in any you have and we’d be delighted to add them. You can also subscribe to daily updates from The Speculator below, with no risk of us spamming your account.

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  1. Dianne Hale says:

    Thank you Devonport Speculator – another great Santa Parade. Every body associated with it should feel very proud, but I would particularly like to acknowledge the Lions Club and Maire Vieth, the Devonport Community Co-ordinator. Also a huge thanks to the Devonport Volunteer Fire Brigade for their role in the parade, and congratulations on the celebration of their 125th anniversary.

  2. Tom says:

    Can you post a list of the bands that played during the afternoon?

    Young Tom: I would love to, but have binned my programme, and Monday was rubbish collection day. I specifically thought, as I crumpled it up into a small ball and lobbed it expertly into the bin, that I would have no further use for it. And then your email came through. “Continuous” were the first band to play; the names of the other two are lost among the gin-soaked synapses of my cerebral cortex. – Ed

  3. Hoover says:

    Just a note that the 1915 Model T Ford that carried Santa in the parade was Devonport’s first motorised fire engine.
    It was brought by the Devonport Borough Council in 1916 for 188 pounds. It served until sold off in 1948.

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