Devonport Wharf On Len Brown’s Agenda

Posted by on Nov 18, 2010 | 2 Comments

Devonport Wharf: A psychosis on stilts

Devonport Wharf: A psychosis on stilts

In a recent interview with new Auckland mayor Len Brown for The Listener, journalist and Devonport resident Diana Wichtel mentioned Devonport and its concerns regarding retaining its heritage.

Brown responded; “One thing I want to do in Devonport is sort out that bloody wharf….it’s built in on itself whereas it should be facing out…”

The word on the street (and the wharf) is that the wharf will be a priority for the new Devonport – Takapuna Board, and that new council staff responsible for the wharf are also keen to see some changes.

Here’s hoping we might see some movement at last, although it won’t be in time for anything to occur before the Rugby World Cup.


  1. GB says:

    I still remember going for dinner/drinks with my friends and Parents when the Port-of-Call restaurant/bar was up and running great, and man when it closed, Devo wharf been in the dumps ever since..Yes let’s get it revitalised!…btw the recently opened chocolate/internet shop run by the nice couple there, is a start in the right direction of ‘fresh’ vitality!.

  2. Ian Free says:

    Devonport Wharf – what a perfect site for a design competition!

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