Devonport – Takapuna Results Not Bad For Devonport

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Devonport has secured three of the six positions on the local Board that will represent Devonport and Takapuna in the new super city structure.

The three other positions are taken by two ex-Takapuna Board members – Jan O’Connor and Kevin Schwass, with the last position taken by the Deputy Head Boy of Rosmini College and Young Nat dude Joseph Bergin.

Dianne Hale  10,235
Chris Darby 9715
Kevin Schwass 8101
Mike Cohen 7379
Jan O’Connor 6062
Joseph Bergin 5472

This could make for some interesting meetings, with Bergin potentially playing the power broker in disputes between the Devonport and Takapuna members, although how the machinery of government will work at this level is yet to be fully determined.

Bergin lists his top issues as the following;

Top 5 Issues

  • Youth engagement and involvement across the board. Avenues for greater expression of the youth culture.
  • A strong, efficient, cheap and fluid transport system spanning over ferries, buses and bicycles.
  • Safer, stronger and more open neighbourhoods which promote true community growth and facilities to encourage this.
  • Conservation and preservation of natural environment such as beaches, parks and reserves with greater access and visibility of Devonport and Takapuna’s natural beauty.
  • Takapuna revitalization through consulting on and implementing the Strategic Framework.
  • Having seen the lad speak at the recent meeting held at the Community House, he struck The Speculator as intelligent, energetic and  inexperienced; all great qualities to take into the turgid world of local politics. With few crosses to bear and a fresh outlook, Joseph could be a force for good on the Board. The Speculator will watch this councillor with considerable interest, as he represents potentially a new face of conservatism; one that has discarded the 19th century views on social issues, and accepts the environment as a resource that can be enjoyed, as well as plundered.

    The Speculator was unmoved by Kevin Schwass or Jan O’Connor, as both seemed blissfully unaware that they had any need to sell themselves as interested in Devonport whatsoever; and Jan O’Connor spent a good chunk of her time casting aspersions on other candidates.


    1. Friend of Joe says:

      Hi Jack,

      Small correction: Joe actually currently lives in Milford. And being that he is the deputy head boy of Rosmini College and has had all his schooling in Takapuna, I think it would be a struggle to call him a stranger to that “little corner of the world”.

      Besides, surely all an 18 year old who “doesn’t even live in the area” needs to do to represent the issues and concerns of Devonport is to front up and listen to those who provide feedback from that suburb? I don’t see anything in his policies or public appearances that says he wouldn’t be willing to listen…quite the opposite in fact.

      Maybe the most pragmatic approach would be to give him a chance and only raise issue if he ignores Devonport?

    2. Hi Speculator and Jack,

      First of all thank you for your kind words and the article is really fantastic…as is the site I might add.
      I was just hoping to set the record straight by confirming I do live in Milford and did for the entire time of the campaign. I’d be more than happy to have you around some time and also it would provide me with an opportunity to meet you. But you are correct in that I did use to live in Northcote, and Hauraki corner before that.

      But while we’re on the topic, I just want to say that Takapuna means so much more to me than just four walls and a roof. This is where I’ve gone to school for 13 years, its where I’ve worked most hours outside that, and where I spend most weekends…and Milford has stolen my heart ever since my grandparents moved and here and not forgetting Castor Bay where they lived before that.

      But anyway thank you to all those who have supported me and I will not let you down. Feel free to contact me at on ANY issues or concerns or questions you have.


      Joseph (Joe) Bergin

    3. Jack Shephard says:

      I’m a bit disappointed that the Speculator hasn’t pointed out that Joe Bergin isn’t even a Devonport/Takapuna resident. He lives in Northcote, well outside the Local Board. He couldn’t even vote for himself.

      How can an 18 year old who doesn’t even live in the area represent our little corner of the world?

      I note that this wasn’t disclosed at the Devonport meeting or at any stage in his campaign. So much for a fresh face on politics.

    4. James S says:

      Jan – the reason that I, personally, don’t give a $**t about politics is that everyone is in it for themselves and I have yet to meet a politician who will fight for the views of their constituents even when they are personally opposed to it.

      The worst thing that happened to Devonport was it being sucked into the incompetence that is / was North Shore City – mainly due to the moronic influence of Takapuna residents. I very much doubt that the “super”city is going to be any better.

    5. GB says:

      Many congrats Jan, Chris, Joseph, Mike, and Dianne!..Hey you all keep working on our behalf and make yourself available to us Devo locals when you can, as that’s important to us, eh.

    6. Jan O'Connor says:

      Dear Ben,The relevance is that Beachhaven/Birkdale community is very much more politically astute than Devonport. This was obvious by the poor turnout at Devonport on a quite reasonable evening (day light saving had just come in) whereas the week before on a freezing night there was a turnout of over 200 at Beachhaven. Further the City Council voting proves that George Wood & Ann Hartley who both originate from that area, well & truly won due in large part to voting from the western area. In 2001 there was little interest in the Devonport Board there was no need for an election. Anyway, Ben, thank you very much for you congratulations. I do appreciate them.

    7. Ben says:

      Jan. Congratulations on getting elected. In your comment, you say “I am unmoved by your so-called reporting of a meeting which was a quarter the size of that held at Beachhaven”. Can you explain the relevance of comparison to the Bechhaven meeting? Thanks

    8. Jan O'Connor says:

      At the Devonport Candidates meeting I talked about the need for locals to support the Devonport main street shopping as tourists visit only between Sept & March . And after one particular candidate had resoundly stated in question time that she would not be party to the selling of Council assets someone had to mention her woeful track record which shows that when she was NSCC Mayor she sold the motel on the reserve in Little Shoal Bay, the old Drainage Board Building on the corner of Lake & Esmonde Roads, gave out a very cheap 33 year lease on the Fred Thomas Golf Course (now worth many $M) & sold the old Council Building in the Strand which had enormous development potential. Ratepayers have been paying extremely heavy rents ever since. I am unmoved by your so-called reporting of a meeting which was a quarter the size of that held at Beachhaven. However I am looking forward to a Board which has some fresh thinking especially regarding environmental issues for an area which extends from Sunnynook, Forrest Hill, Castor Bay, Milford, Westlake, Takapuna, Hauraki, Belmont, Bayswater, Narrow Neck & Devonport. Each & every precinct is unique and different. Jan O’Connor

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