Devonport Local To Represent Labour On The Shore

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Ben Clark with wife Joanna and their two daughters

Ben Clark with wife Joanna and their two daughters

Devonport local Ben Clark was last night confirmed as Labour’s North Shore candidate for next year’s general election.

Mr Clark (35) first became actively involved in party politics while living and working in the UK as a computer programmer. His work is familiar to gamers the world over, with titles such as Lego Batman and Super Monkey Ball Adventure.

Ben now works in Auckland for a leading New Zealand hi-tech exporter operating in 26 countries. He has also created 3D graphics and animation tools for the film industry. Ben’s lives in Devonport with his wife Joanna and their two daughters, the second of whom was born within the last fortnight.

Ben grew up in Auckland, before graduating with BSc (Hons) from Otago University in 1997.  He worked in the UK for 7.5 years before returning overland with his then-pregnant British wife via the likes of Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The North Shore seat has traditionally been viewed as a safe National seat. But Ben is optimistic.  He believes the current government’s poor performance presents opportunities he says: “Many changes we’re now seeing were not signalled in any of their pre-election campaigning. These changes are hurting our young people, elderly people, and all those with on-going need for health care services or education. “The way forward is not via a return to the 1990s”, he says.

For the Clarks, politics is rapidly becoming a family tradition. Ben is the younger brother of David Clark who was recently selected as Labour’s candidate for Dunedin North, a safe Labour seat. The brothers’ involvement in the Labour Party has inevitably drawn comment about being ‘New Zealand’s Milibands.’ Ed Miliband recently beat his elder brother David to the leadership of the UK Labour Party. “I’ve a lot of work before I can even entertain such thoughts as dreams,” says Ben.

Ben succeeds Phil Twyford as the Labour Party candidate for North Shore.

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