Devonport And The Super City: Important Update

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" move Mr Mayor."

" move Mr Mayor."

Don’t worry – The Speculator is NOT going to bore you with the detail.

So here is a quick summary that shows how our two North Shore reps on the super city (George Wood and Ann Hartley [GWAH]) have fared in that all-important selection for the top committee positions mentioned in our last article. Ignore all the org charts you see on the super city website; these committees are where the real power lie.

Ann Hartley – as you might expect – has done very well, chairing one of the top three most important committees: Regional Development and Operations. The Speculator, er speculates that Chris Darby and Dianne Hale will have the number of the hot phone on Hartley’s desk. Those three individuals should be targeted as the lightening rod for Devonport community sentiment.

Bottom Line: good news for Devonport.

George Wood has been, it might be said, kicked upstairs. He gets the Community Safety Forum – a sub-group of Hartley’s committee. This is his only position and a fairly lowly one, although committee membership is still to be decided.

One suspects this is designed so Hartley can a) keep an eye on George for Mr Brown and b) ensure his inbox is piled high with lots of Not Very Important Issues; as they say, the Devil makes work for idle hands.

Bottom Line: neutral for Devonport.

Executive Summary

If Devonport gets awarded some decent budgets to complete some of the planned projects and also build itself as a tourist destination and heritage site, Hartley (and vicariously  Darby and Hale) will be lined up to get the credit. When the regulations on the positioning of fire extinguishers in public buildings are changed, we can be sure the grandfatherly hand of ol’ George is at work.

Action Points For The Vaguely to Very Interested Devonport Resident

Power is a wonderful prism through which to assess an individual’s character. Let’s all keep an eye on Messrs Hartley, Darby and Hale over the coming months on three fronts; a) how they interact with their fellow Devonport/Takapuna board members (Schwass, Bergin, O’Connor, Cohen) b) how accessible they are to the community; and c) what committees they turn up on as members.

One important point to remember: Schwass and Bergin are natural allies for ADHD (Anne & Dianne Hale & Darby); Cohen and O’Connor are not. There is a lot at stake; these individuals and their ability to work together and with the community at large is key. Their record is excellent; will it continue?

The first meeting of the Devonport – Takapuna Board (Hale, Darby, Cohen, O’Connor, Bergin, Schwass)  is coming up in November; check the Speculator’s calendar under the Home menu for details.

The full list of committees is as follows.

Committees of the Whole (their name not mine)

1: Strategy & Finance Committee – Penny Webster

2: Accountability & Performance Committee – Richard Northey

–          CCO Strategy and Appointments Sub-Committee – His Worship the Mayor

–          CEO Review Sub-Committee – His Worship the Mayor

–          Tenders & Procurement Panel – Jami-Lee Ross

3:  Regional Development & Operations Committee – Ann Hartley

–          Social & Community Forum – Cathy Casey

–          Culture, Arts & Events Forum – Alf Filipaina

–          Economic Forum – Arthur Anae

–          Community Safety Forum – George Wood

–          Environment & Sustainability Forum – Wayne Walker

–          Parks & Heritage Forum – Sandra Coney

–          District Plan & Urban Design Forum – Cameron Brewer

4: Auckland Future Vision Committee – His Worship the Mayor / Deputy Mayor

–          Transport Committee – Mike Lee

Standing Committees

Hearings Committee – Noelene Rafills

Regulatory & Bylaws Committee – Des Morrison

Audit & Risk Committee – Sharon Stewart

Civil Defence & Emergency Management Group – Michael Goudie

Advisory and Statutory Panels

Maori Statutory Board – Alf Filipaina

Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel – Arthur Anae

Ethnic Advisory Panel – Mike Lee

Business Advisory Panel – Cameron Brewer

Rural Advisory Panel – Des Morrison

Youth Advisory Panel – Michael Goudie

Social Policy Forum – Calum Penrose

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